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Mixed emotions... that's what I felt upon hearing celebrity mom, Ms. Camille Prats' testimony about her ordeal and her husband's struggles vs. life upon confirming of her husband's diagnosis which was stage 4 Nasopharyngeal cancer. Camille's late husband, Anthony Linsangan, was nearly 30 years old then, when diagnosed with the said disease. At the very young age of 26, Camille became a widow, she had to pass through the toughest and most painful times of their lives with her husband as he fought the agony and afflictions brought by all the treatments (chemo and radiation). Thank God, Camille and the rest of her family had successfully passed the down moments of their life and after two years, she was able to speak about everything and calmly shared to us of her feelings as well as what she had gone through.

GMA News TV show, MARS host, Camille Prats during AXA  health campaign, "Fail Proof your Future" held at Ascott in Makati City 

(L-R) Dr. Renzo Guinto, Independent Consultant, Ms. Camille Prats and Usec. Teodoro Herbosa, Department of Health during the AXA Philippines health caompaign

Possessing a dauntless attitude, Camille was so relaxed and already moved on regarding her past. She and her late hubby, Anthony had a wonderful kid named Nathaniel Caesar. She said, "In a way, we're lucky because we had our savings, unlike, perhaps, many people. But even Anthony knew we couldn't spend everything on him because we had Nathan (her son) to think about."

I totally agree with her too also when she said that, "What I learned is that you don't have to be old or sickly for anything bad to happen to you. Fighting a disease is, in fact, expensive." The actress/ tv host also shared that, they were so thankful because her late hubby's family had helped them financially to sustain Anthony's treatment. Well, lucky for them, right? What about in the case of other individuals who doesn't have much earnings and savings to sustain such expensive treatments or any other inflicted diseases?

That is why AXA Philippines, one of the country’s largest and fastest growing life insurance companies, is helping Filipinos prepare for the threat of future major medical emergencies by launching three (3) new products that provide adequate coverage to Filipinos when they face a critical illness.

How healthy are the Filipinos, really? 

According to statistics from the Department of Health (DOH), non-communicable diseases (NCDs) or lifestyle diseases such as heart attack or heart failure, stroke, and cancer are the top 3 leading causes of death among Filipinos.

Digging deeper into the numbers, it is reported that more than 276 Filipinos die of heart disease on a daily basis. Moreover, 9 people are diagnosed with cancer every hour, and 142 Filipinos die from cancer every day. At least one Filipino suffers from stroke every 9 minutes; for those who survive, they have a 75% chance of becoming permanently disabled.

While there may be increasing public awareness to preventing these diseases through diet and exercise, little is done to raise awareness for Filipinos to prepare financially for the impact of having any of these lifestyle diseases.

The cost for heart by-pass surgery, chemotherapy, or brain surgery ranges from P500,000 to as much as P1,000,000, an amount that most regular health plans cannot cover. Moreover, it is estimated that medical costs are expected to double in the next 10 years --- a rate much higher than economic inflation.

Mr. Rien Hermans, President & CEO of AXA Philippines (photo credit to

“We want to give customers what they need,” says Rien Hermans, President & CEO of AXA Philippines. “With the health trends in the Philippines and in most countries today, the risk of developing a critical illness is now higher than ever. Therefore, people should be protecting themselves from the financial impact of being diagnosed with a critical illness.”

Health Exentials is a simple, all-in-one health and protection plan that gives the greatest value at an affordable price. For as low as P59/day, customers can get P5.5 million worth of comprehensive benefits, which include a critical conditions benefit, total & permanent disability benefit, daily hospitalization income benefit, a one-time surgical benefit, and a maturity cash benefit. Health Exentials premiums can be as low as only P1,140 a month or P39/day.

Health Max provides maximum lifetime coverage as it gives medical benefits until age 100. It also has the widest coverage of illnesses in the market today, covering 56 major medical conditions and 18 minor illnesses. Early stage cancer diagnosis and angioplasty, not normally covered by other health plans, are included in Health Max. It also has higher medical benefits of up to P10 million, as well as a special Advanced Health Fund that starts at age 70, which can be used for various medicines and treatments most common at that age.

SME ProteXion caters to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with at least 10 employees. It offers health and protection packages-in-one with various benefit options to choose from such as critical care coverage, daily hospitalization income, life insurance coverage and death and disablement coverage. This simple and straightforward product has flexible payment options to suit your business budget.

"Now i'm in the process of getting my own health insurance because I want to have the peace of mind that whatever happens to me, the money we saved for Nathan's future will only be for him." --- Camille Prats

What about you? When was the last time you had thought about your total health and your future? 
Fail Proof your Future! Talk to the health insurance experts. 


Or you may call their customer hotline numbers: (02) 5815-AXA (292) or (02) 3231-AXA (292).

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