My Caribbean Urban Safari Summer Experience

What is your most comfy footwear? I know... most of you would agree with me if I say, flip flops! Others may call it Hawaii chappal in India and Pakistan; along the east coast of the US, flip flops may sometimes referred to as zories or thongs; in New Zealand, it's jandals whereas in South Africa, it's Plakkies or slip- slops; in Greece, it's tagged as sayonares; in Poland, it's japanki; in Brazil it's referred to as sandalias havaianas (Hawaiian slippers); in Russia and Ukraine they call it vietnamki and here in the Philippines of course, we call it tsinelas, slippers or step-ins

Caribbean Footwear is one of the comfy footwears that I have. It gives me a secure feeling of not slipping against the floor or any path that I travel on because of its anti-slip properties. Aside from enjoying its comfortability, I am most delighted by its fashionable designs. 

Funky and hip

Elegant and classy

Relaxed and basic

Plain and simple

As timely as it is, I was able to enjoy more of what Caribbean Urban Safari footwear has to offer when I had a summer getaway with my family. 

I'd brought no other footwear but  Caribbean Urban Safari 

Comfort, durability and fashion are basically the Caribbean tenets 

My Caribbean Urban Safari flip flops gives me the feeling of comfort and security. I trust this so much that I believe I won't be slipping... look! :))

The Strap at its Finest! Out-cutting technology has perfected the integration of comfort, durability and elegance in their strap, that's the Caribbean's very own invention! 

The Toe Fashion! The balancing act of the toe is well supported by the footwear's structure without compromising fashion and creativity. 

Caribbean Footwear exhibits bold prints...

Vibrant colors...

Chic Neutrals...

All these attributes perfectly fit every girl's want for flip flops. They're so incredibly affordable! So what else could you ask for? Go grab your amazing pair of Caribbean Urban Safari Footwear in all leading department stores nationwide! 

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Special thanks to Caribbean Footwear and Azrael Coladilla of

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