My experience beyond the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Midnight Launch

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus midnight launch at Beyond the Box in Century City Mall in Makati City (scene before the clock strikes 12 midnight of November 5, 2015)

After months of hyping, Apple has finally unleashed and unboxed the latest from their family, let's all give a warm welcome and applause to iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus!!! 

As soon as I got the updates that Beyond the Box in Century City Mall will be having its midnight launch of the latest iPhone models, I had decided to be there on that eve, since it is the closest mall near my place and not to mention, very much accessible. 

When I arrived at the store, there was a long line of the Apple-holics already. Unmindful of the time, distance, lack of sleep and all the hassles, we all managed to wait, stay patient and wait for our cue. 

Holding the 1,000 store credits given to us by Beyond the Box

While waiting on the line, all of us were given a 1,000 worth of store credits courtesy of Beyond the Box which was only valid during that midnight launch until 2 am of November 5, 2015. 

Notice the line? That was my own vantage point (front) from where I was standing 

And the line behind me about 30 minutes 'til midnight

While there waiting for the cue, we spotted ABS-CBN news anchor/ reporter Gretchen Fullido covering the said event. 

And finally, they had set the countdown! Crowd rushed inside the store as soon as the doors opened. I just opted to take some pics from where I was falling in line, the moment I advanced. 

Pardon for the blurry image since this was taken through a glass wall

At last, my turn to get in! I hurriedly grabbed this...

Rose Gold iPhone 6s 

The most talked about brand new color from Apple family, the Rose Gold iPhone 6s!!! Can you see how sleek and chick this is?! 

Check out its interface

I also got hold and tried the scale grey iPhone 6s plus a bit...

According to Apple: "iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus take everything that made the previous-generation iPhone great, and advance it to a new level. They’re made with 7000 Series aluminum, the strongest alloy we’ve ever used in an iPhone. They both feature Retina HD displays made from the strongest cover glass used on any smartphone in the world. And now they’re available in an elegant rose gold finish." 

I also got the chance to have my picture taken with the Cosplay queen, the pretty and nice Alodia Gosiengfiao! 

Thanks for the pic my blogger/friend Bedalyn

Look at her bright flashy smile! If I were in her shoes, I would also be totally elated if I get to have these latest iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus!!! And I would prefer rose gold definitely, oh yeah! 

There goes my experience beyond the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus midnight launch. Hope you had fun reading even if it's just a brief sharing. 

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