A day with the cast of "Ang Lihim ni Annasandra"

That's me with Andrea Torres (Annasandra) and Pancho Magno (Enrico)

The fantasy-romance drama series of GMA Kapuso Network, "Ang Lihim ni Annasandra," (ALNA) that we fondly watch and get to love for four months of airing on GMA Afternoon Prime during weekdays, has come to an end (sadly). 

But no reason to feel sad, we all know that, when one door closes, more windows would open, meaning more opportunities would be coming for our favorite stars like Andrea Torres, Mikael Daez, Pancho Magno, Rochelle Pangilinan and everyone else from the ALNA tv series. 

Today, just wanna share you some BTS (behind the scenes) and interview with Andrea Torres and Pancho Magno. We had a chance to visit their set located in /Tanay, Rizal, it was a two and a half hour drive from GMA Network in Kamuning, Quezon City. Ironically, it was their last taping day too, so can you imagine how all the pressure and mixed emotions the whole cast and crew were experiencing that time? 

If they were at that state of emotion, we (bloggers) were so excited to meet and talk to them again but this time on their location taping. Isn't it so amazing?! When we arrived, we saw Pancho Magno first taking a short break from their dramatic scenes. 

Pancho Magno during our set visit

Had his picture taken with me, of course! :))

Script reading: Pancho Magno and Andrea Torres with direk Albert Langitan

Pancho and direk Albert posed for my camera phone with a smile, while Andrea's still motivating...

So who says that only Andrea can read script with Pancho? lol! 

When visiting a location/ set , it is a must to share with you dear amazing readers, what's the ambiance and mood there, so I'd like to also give a an idea of how they set up things out there. 

This time, Andrea and Pancho we're preparing for another scene, the directors and cameramen were looking for the right angles

This is the actual tape, the camera's rolling, and Andrea's (Annasandra) so emotional here. She was being comforted by Pancho who plays Enrico here.

Time for us to go back to our bat cave! They have an air-conditioned tent set up and they had warmly welcomed us there and offered some food. Thanks GMA peeps, for everything. 

We were watching Andrea and Pancho from this monitor inside the tent

We were waiting for them to finish their shoot and our moment to interview Andrea and Pancho inside the tent 'til we heard everybody outside cheering and shouting for joy! It was a WRAP! At last, the last few episodes for the final taping day of "Ang Lihim ni Annasandra" were all done! We also felt happy for them, actually, it was no joke after all. 

Andrea and Pancho were able to change their comfy clothes so they headed back to the tent...

Beautiful and sexy Andrea Torres & hunky and promising dramatic actor Pancho Magno

Please watch our actual interview with 
Andrea and Pancho during our set visit 

Andrea's role here in "Ang Lihim ni Annasandra" is a very challenging and unique one. She's transforming into an "awok," a boar or pig-type of "aswang." And for me, she has really become a better actress. She did it with flying colors, actually. 

with the very beautiful Andrea Torres

More power to you Andrea!

Andrea does not only transform during the set of ALNA, she has also tranformed in real life. She's has become more beautiful, sexier, more mature and bolder. have you seen her latest pictures on FHM (For Him Magazine)? She's sooo ooozing with charm, appeal and a lot more alluring! 

On the other hand, Pancho poses as the breakthrough actor for this project. A lot of people have been complimenting his acting abilities (including me). He has shown absolute improvement and thereby really expressing his passion for acting. 

"Ang Lihim ni Annasandra," isn't just another fantasy-romance drama series, it talks about how things and people can affect our lives. It talks about consequences and how we handle and face it. The protection and love for family still surfaces and of course, not forgetting to love someone and feel-loved by your special one. 

Hope you'd check out "Ang Lihim ni Annasandra" final episode today, February 6, 2015 on GMA afternoon prime. 

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