"The Captain," Alvin Patrimonio and his power booster "Pyoorboost" by Pyoor Essentials

Alvin Patrimonio together with the Pyoor Essentials executives during 2018 Pyoor Essentials Kick Off Party held at Glass Garden 

Alvin Vergara Patrimonio is a top Philippine cager, a Legend, a history maker, hall of famer and probably one of the best Power Forwards in the history of Philippine Basketball Association. He can be considered second most popular basketball player in the Philippines behind the "Living Legend," Robert Jaworski. He stands 6'3" and his looks and stance today has never revealed his real age, which is 51, (November 17, 1966) would you believe?! 

Back in his heydays, Alvin played with his longtime home company, Purefoods in 1988. He was so popular then and even acquired these achievements: 

  • Most Valuable Player in 1991, 1993, 1994, and 1997
  • Mythical First Team Selection in 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998, and 2000
  • Mythical Second Team Selection in 1995
  • Best Player of the Conference in 1994 Commissioner's Cup, 1996 All-Filipino Cup, and 1997 Governor's Cup
  • PBA Press Corps Newsmaker of the Year in 1993
  • 12-time PBA All-Star
  • Most Valuable Player of the 1991 PBA All-Star Game
  • 25 PBA Greatest Players Member
  • PBA 5,000 Points Club Member
  • PBA 10,000 Points Club Member
  • PBA 15,000 Points Club Member
  • PBA Third Conference champions (1990)
  • PBA All-Filipino Cup champions (1991, 1993, 1997)
  • PBA Commissioner's Cup champions (1994)
  • PBA Governor's Cup champions (2002)
  • Most MVP awards (4, tied with Ramon Fernandez
  • Most consecutive games played (596)
  • One of eight players to play at least 800 games 

"The Captain" Alvin Patrimonio 

Due to his overwhelming popularity, he was even offered to enter local showbiz, first as a guest artist in "Bondying," with retired PBA player Jimmy Santos as lead then he was officially as an actor via the film "Last Two Minutes," in 1990 along with his basketball colleagues Jerry Codiñera and Paul Alvarez. His showbiz career even progressed as he was paired with the "Diamond Star," Maricel Soriano in the remake movie "Dobol Dribol," in 1992 and "Tasya Fantasya," in 1994 opposite the "Queen Of All Media," Kris Aquino. And the rest is history. 

After 16 years of playing in PBA, in 2004, he has announced his retirement. Alvin is said to be Philippine Basketball's one of the most beloved players. Today, he keeps himself busy by being the team manager of Purefoods Star Hotshots and is also Pyoor Essentials product ambassador. 

What is Pyoor (Pure) Essentials? 

PYOOR ESSENTIALS is engaged in marketing of certified organic skin care products, Kosher Certified ingredients of supplements and bevarages. The Company prides itself on sourcing products that are Pure, Safe, Effective and maintains a steadfast commitment to ZERO TOLERANCE of all animal testing from their product line. 

Alvin Patrimonio is the ambassador of "Pyoorboost," a product of Pyoor Essentials International 

Alvin has been using "Pyoorboost," it is said to be mainly for the "Man On The Go," like Alvin, it boosts sports performance, increases energy, increases libido and fertility in men, improves learning and memory, improves brain function and it may reduce prostate size. Its benefits includes: Highly nutritious, high in protein and carbohydrates, rich in nutrients like Vitamin C, Copper & Iron, with no fillers, no flowagents and no chemicals, just take one capsule (500mg.) a day, then  you're stronger and on the go! 

Pyoor Essentials International's "Pyoor Boost" 

Product Description

The PYOOR way of bringing out a REVITALIZED MAN

Asked Alvin what was the effect of "Pyoorboost?" to him, he replied, " Na-boost 'yung energy ko and nafi-feel ko din na nagttrim-down ako... olay lang 'yung kain ko, nandudun pa rin, mabilis lang mag-burn." He also added, "I'm sure pag na-try n'yo 'to, mafi-feel n'yo 'uung difference sa inyo, talagang ma-boost talaga ang energy ninyo, very organic and healthy talaga." 

"The Captain" himself with "Pyoorboost" 

Alvin Patrimonio (far right) with top executives of Pyoor Essentials International 

For more info and details check out their website: www.pyooressentils.com 
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pyooreiofficial

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