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                                                                   July 26, 2017

The Millennial "It Girl,"  and one of GMA Artist Center's pride, Gabbi Garcia is really soaring high and no one and nothing can stop her. This only proves that if one really deserves to be "up there" and be given rare opportunities like what Gabbi is having today, that person will definitely go places! And when I mean places, literally, Gabbi goes to awesome and famous places globally. 

Just early this year, we were all delighted by Gabbi's international achievement being Pantene's very first Asian celebrity endorser to date. She had shared about her amazing and unforgettable experiences during their location shoot in Australia. And now, things have been really going right and her stars are aligning accordingly. She now has been chosen to travel to the South of France to do a photoshoot with some of the known personalities in local showbiz for . 

Gabbi Garcia during our interview

She is definitely going places, right? Our "It Girl," who fashionably describes herself as a minimalist is striking it with a Mega Style! We are also aware that the country's Mega Magazine has been traditionally doing this kind of project, contacting stars to do a photoshoot with them outside our country in some "wanna be there" and astonishing places, right? This time, it's digital platform, the is now following the same procedure. 

Ironically, our fashion influencer, Gabbi will also travel and do this #MakingMega project with other Kapamilya stars which makes her the only Kapuso star in this roster. This will be the first print issue for actually. 

When asked about how does it feel being the only Kapuso star in #MakingMega project, Gabbi answered, "I feel so happy and proud to be representing the native abroad on a prestigious magazine. Kasi ito na 'yung chance para... it's not only representing myself eh, it's not only Gabbi Garcia, it's Gabbi Garcia from GMA, so laging GMA is on my shoulders, wherever I go I am representing GMA. It's a chance of a lifetime to be representing my network, so I'm very happy to be the one to go there... " 

Check out our video interview with Gabbi here .

For those who are still wondering about the status of their #GabRu loveteam with Ruru Madrid, worry no more the Encantadia star confirms that, "It's still not the end for #GabRu ." 

Upcoming endorsement via  tvc with Acne Care is set to be seen on your tv's. So watch out for it Kapuso! 

As of this writing, Gabbi, her team and the rest of the celebrity models for #MakingMega are busy prepping for their flight on July 29 that's on Saturday for France! So here's wishing you more fab projects my dear Gabbi and may all your endeavors do come true! 

#lovelovelove for my bebe Gabbi 

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