Uratex celebrates "World Sleep Day"

Mrs. Naty Cheng, President and CEO of Uratex 

Sleeping plays a vital role in our lives. It is as essential as having food for our body and mind to nourish and function properly. They say if we lack sleep, we can also go astray, it's as if something is missing, we cannot function fully and sometimes we just tend to lose control of everything. That's how important sleep is-- it's our body's way of  recuperating and regenerating. 

In celebration of the World Sleep Day, Mrs. Naty Cheng, president and CEO of Uratex, would like to invite you in raising awareness on the good and superior sleep that we all need, despite our busy lifestyle. 

As the country’s Sleep Specialist, Uratex brings premium and technology rich products that can equip the comfort that you desire. 

So come join Uratex and celebrate the value of good sleep. #SleepSoundlyWithUratex

Please do watch Mrs. Naty Cheng as she invites you to join the World Sleep Day celebration. 

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Hope we can all go to #SleepSoundlyWithUratex

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