Bea Alonzo keepin' and trippin' down memory lane

Fujifilm Philippines Celebrity Brand Ambassador Ms. Bea Alonzo

"A Love to Last" star, the ever gorgeous Ms. Bea Alonzo has graced the Instax Memory Lane Kit launch. She arrived from Baguio that day for the location shoot of her and tv series partner, Ian Veneracion but came in real fresh and very accommodating. 
Fujifilm Philippines has always diplayed full trust and confidence on the actress being its celebrity brand ambassador. Bea is a very fine subject herself and she likes taking pictures and keeping it, putting in photo albums and picture books like the one included in the Instax Memory Lane Kit.

FUJIFILM Philippines is always thinking of new ways to preserve memories and make them last for generations. With the Memory Lane 
album, you can now keep in place that instax photo of a trip to Baguio 
to see flowers abloom at the Panagbenga Festival or that moment 
when your child wore a “toga” (graduation gown) at the school’s 
commencement exercises. 

“Our mission is to keep memories on hand and make sure that they would be available for future generations to gaze at,” says Takuya 
Maeda, FUJIFILM Philippines Division Head for Electronic Imaging and Photo Imaging. “Filipinos love taking photos and FUJIFILM acknowledges that. We have endeavored to help them preserve their memories in the best possible way, especially now since it is graduation and summer season, when people really need to keep important memories.”

The Memory Lane album protects precious prints from dust, dirt, moisture and sunlight to reduce fading and ensure that they stand the test of time.

Bea Alonzo during the Q&A portion 

During the Q&A , Bea was able to answer, "I don't delete photos of my ex's on Instagram." The reason for this is because those were part of memories of her past and that she really loves to cherish and keep pictures most especially of her travel and with her family and loved ones. If you want to watch the full interview, please click on my Youtube channel here

Bea was holding an Instax Memory Lane Kit 

The new Instax Memory Lane Kit

The Memory Lane album is bundled up with the instax Mini 8 Camera, Instax Mini Glossy Film 10s, Instax Picture Book and a Pen Marker that's worth Php 4,299.00 which can save you around Php 660.00 

There are three variants for the 
Memory Lane album, namely the instax Memory Lane Package that includes an instax Mini 8, pack of film (10 sheets), a Memory Lane 
album, and a pen marker; the XA3 Memory Lane Package that includes an XA3, instax SHARE SP-2, pack of film (10 sheets), a Memory Lane album, and a pen marker; and the XA10 Memory Lane Package that includes an XA10, instax Mini 7s, pack of film (10 sheets), a Memory 
Lane album, and a pen marker.

FUJIFILM Philippines Circle of Influencers were also be around to  assist the guests who were encouraged to doodle on the sides, place stickers, even write haiku or short poems to make 
their albums not only unique but very personal and heartrending.After all, that is the essence behind FUJIFILM Philippines’ efforts to 
capture memories instantly and produce the tangible prints in seconds. 

Memories are all about celebrations, occasions, and moments spent with family, friends, anyone you hold dear and consider family. And 
wherever and whenever there is something special you want to make last forever, an instax will be there, on hand and on cue.

Fujifilm Philippines Circle of Influencers with Bea Alonzo 

Well, I am just so happy to share with you my amazing readers that Fujifilm has given me an Instax Memory Lane Kit! To all the Fujifilm people, thank you very much and more power! Hopefully, will acquire one of your exquisite Fujifilm cameras next time! :)) 

"Brows on Fleek" with the beautiful Bea Alonzo 

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