That "Pocketful of Fun" found in every Gardenia's Pocket Sandwich

Bagets, kulets, chikitings, kiddos... whatever I may want to call them, they're my bundles of joy who bring #PocketFullOf #Fun most especially when we're having our "merienda" and munching on #GardeniaPh latest product :#PocketSandwich 
I dig the Peanut Butter filled white bread while they love  the chocolate filled one. 
A healthy snack that's guaranteed freshly baked everyday for only Php15 

Nowadays, everything is just so accessible, handy, easy to reach, almost anything is also feasible. We become too much involved in social media, on the internet, and with what's happening around the globe. Almost everything is based on the net, technology is eating us out so fast, sometimes we tend to neglect some of the most relative and essential things that we all ought to have. 

So what am I referring to? It's all about having this priceless bonding, fun, sharing and appreciating our loved ones that they are always there for us and we are also here for them.Our family relationship is all that matters, right? Don't you miss that feeling that, every time we go home from work, or from anywhere we've been to, that feeling of excitement that we come home for them, we go home to see their wonderful and "eager to see you" faces! 

In this modern world, I've really noticed the drastic change in this routine. It's really upsetting to also know that, part of this situation, some households also tend to neglect or in a way, do not take time to put focus on their family's welfare when it comes to what type or kind of food they consume. On this note, I'd like to introduce to all of you, my dear amazing readers, Gardenia's latest product that's filled with flavor and fun plus it's also a healthy snack for each and every member of our family. 

The actual Gardenia's Pocket Sandwich 

For every Gardenia's Pocket Sandwich, you'll experience the soft, creamy, flavor-filled freshly-baked sandwich that's sure to fit our daily budget. 

There are two "Pocketful of Fun" flavors to choose from!

Chocolate Filled White Bread

The chocolate flavor is not that strong, not too sweet, It's just right to make our young ones be fond of it! It's creaminess is just enough plus no greasy or oily taste. 

Peanut Butter Filled White Bread

Aside from the fact that I am also a choco-lover, this Peanut Butter filled white bread is as appealing as the first one! You could really taste its peanut butter-y flavor that would really push you to munch for more!!! 

Aside from making these amazing pocket sandwich a regular "baon," for our beloved students, we always see to it that, we do not run out of these every time we go out with the kids! 

And because it's carefully sealed individually, that makes it very handy and kid-friendly, you would not regret introducing it to your family, relatives and friends ever! Look at my Baby Bryce, one Peanut Butter filled white bread is not enough for him, hahaha he really couldn't get enough of it! 

As a mom, I am talking to you... this Gardenia's Pocket Sandwich is worth every penny, most especially for the very busy and modern lifestyle family. Aside from bringing "Pocketful of Fun," love and bonding to our family, we also get to munch and enjoy sharing it.
 It's what priceless moments is all about, after all...

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