Chan Lim's auspicious legacy in Chinese Artistry

Chan Lim during their art exhibit at SM City North Edsa The Block 

It was one fine Sunday afternoon when I was invited to attend the art exhibit of Chan Lim Family of Artist and Students at SM City The Block in North Edsa, Quezon City. I've only heard of Chan Lim's legacy in Chinese artistry and culture before, little did I know that I would be able to meet and talk to him personally. 

Just to give you a background...

The Chan Lim Family of Artists has been engaged in the arts for close to half a century. In the present, there are three generations of Chan Lim artists who use a wide variety of media, styles and techniques to incorporate Western into Eastern art. The family continues to get involved in the arts by actively developing and promoting Chinese brush painting in the Philippines and abroad. The Chan Lims also support several charitable organizations with a special focus on environmental sustainability.
The passion of Chan Lim, the family patriarch, lies in Oil and Watercolor. While most of his art are on canvas, he has forayed into other media such as porcelain plates, Asian lanterns and fans to infuse Western techniques into the traditional Eastern art. The Chan Lim siblings Alex, Felix, Rolex and Jolex are all engineers by profession and are currently engaged in leadership positions with multinational companies. Bound by their passion for the arts, the Chan Lim family of Artists has conducted numerous art classes, workshops, seminars, and on-the-spot painting demonstrations. They have joined several art exhibits locally and internationally. The elder Chan Lims have successfully nurtured the artistic talents of the third generation. The younger brood enjoys experimenting with different types of media, along with modern digital techniques, and incorporates these into Chinese art.
The year 2017 celebrates Chan Lim's 80th birth year, a very auspicious milestone in the Chinese culture. All the art exhibits during the year will be highlighting this event Eight of the exhibits will be specially-themed to celebrate the felicitous family event.
The Chan Lim family is one of the few remaining notable Chinese brush painting artists in the country today, and is sought after in this field. Art classes are conducted in the family studio located in Pasig City. Their paintings can be found in private collections here and abroad.

For me, it was a very huge privilege to finally get to know more of the back story of how his artistic legacy began from the patriarch himself, Mr. Chan Lim. I've learned from him that,he started painting when he was only 13 years old and that his passion for this has really persuaded him to further pursue into Chinese artistry thereby also promoting their culture blended with the Western artistry. 
His desire to further express his passion was very well supported by his family and thereby influencing them as well to engage to this kind of art. He also told us that his son, Alex, started much younger than him, he was only 11 years old when he started to give brushstrokes a try. 

Chan Lim Family of Artists and Students

Aside from celebrating the Chinese New year, the patriarch himself will be celebrating his 80th birthday this coming March. His only wish for his birthday was, to his legacy to still continue and broaden. 

Chan Lim with his own-painted horses and landscapes 

During our interview with him, he had led us to one of his favorite artworks the seven horses and the landscapes which according to him, he painted when they visited China. Based from his enthusiastic tone, we have felt how excited he was and the thrill of making his pieces of artwork. Just imagine all those beautiful memories and back stories that has enveloped all those masterpieces?! Only he can ever tell... 

Chan Lim's favorite Coi Painting

Mr. Chan Lim  has a lot of interesting stories to tell, and that his Coi painting is his favorite one, since he favors more of animal subjects, he admitted. He says those Cois give good luck to business. When we asked him about his first few paintings, if he was able to keep those or sell, he told us that, only one was left with him. The reason why? It was unintendedly left inside a cabinet. And when we asked if is he willing to still sell it? His reply was, "Ayaw ko na."  Best decision indeed! 


Chan Lim first tried his hand at painting when he was in his childhood years. He began to show interest, which eventually became his favorite past time while he was growing up. "One Afternoon," was one of his early artworks, done in the year 1966 in Baesa, Quezon City. Celebrating his 80th birthday this year, Chan Lim continues to paint on various subjects such as landscape, seascapes, flowers, birds, humans and animals. 

If you wish to view a part of our interview with Mr. Chan Lim, here's the link to our channel:

And if you want to view the photos from the exhibit, here's the link to the album:

Can't help but to be amazed!

My whole experience at the art exhibit of Chan Lim Family of Artists and students has really inspired me a lot. I may not be as good as them, but somehow, I know I can handle my brushstrokes very well and  I've created a landscape before with watercolor as my medium and my art teacher had it for the exhibit in our school. 

It is very interesting to have learned also those stories behind these wonderful pieces of art and how the Chan Lim's auspicious milestones began. I just hope that what Chan Lim has already started and established in the world of Chinese culture and artistry, may they continue to soar and spread good vibes and good views to all the people globally. 

You may email them at or view their artworks at

              About the Exhibit

To celebrate the Chinese New Year this 2017, the Chan Lim Family of Artists and Students have prepared more than 300 artworks done in porcelain plates, scroll & oil paintings. The exhibit is participated by 43 talented artists and will be held from January 15 to February 12 at The Block Atrium of SM City North EDSA.

Witness the majestic exhibit and take part in celebrating a prosperous year ahead!

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