Creating the best version of yourself

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Vanity. For a woman like my age, living in this very modern world, it is not bad to be vain and be beautiful not only for our eyes but for the eyes of others who might be inspired once they get to know the real process of what real beauty is all about
Being beautiful is not only being and looking fab and great outside but also feeling good about yourself. If you feel that way, it will totally reflect our outlook in life, the way we see the people and different situations around us. Creating the best version of yourself isn't that so difficult, and with the help of Pearl Coix food supplement, we can achieve what we wanted to be then full confidence with positivity will follow....

When you walk into a room full of people, it is very easy to tell whether one exudes self-confidence or not.  How you walk, greet people, and the way you stand are physical manifestations of your confidence.   As you mature and get more experiences in life, you will gain the confidence you need.   Yet even as you are young, you can help get an ounce of confidence by looking good and feeling great. Gain confidence by becoming a better version of you.

Introducing with the new 100% Organic Pearl Coix.  Across ages, this product works wonders at reducing acne and smoothening skin giving you a healthy pink glow.    In addition, it is the only product in the market today that uses pure 100% organic ingredients to whiten skin.

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This is because FINE Japan Co. Ltd., one of Japan’s most trusted nutraceutical companies that has been making, researching and developing health food supplements for more than four decades now, brought to the country 100% Organic Pearl Coix. This quality product took 5 years to develop and  made of 100% pure organic pearl coix extract powder, using extraction technology that remains unrivalled up to this day.

100% Organic Pearl Coix is unlike any supplemental drink sold today. This ready-to-drink nutraceutical product has many beauty and wellness benefits, primarily due to its pure ingredients such as the organic pearl coix extract powder that helps you attain that healthy, luminous and beautiful skin. It is highly soluble and easy to digest because of FINE Japan’s patented process that transforms adlay seeds into fine powder-like form that comes conveniently in sachets.

Aside from having a truly radiant skin, 100% Organic Pearl Coix also helps fight premature signs of aging, treat various skin diseases like acne or allergic dermatitis, or help remove warts and reduce blemishes and other skin rashes.

Moreover, 100% Organic Pearl Coix aids in improving digestion and relieves constipation since pearl coix has 8 times more fiber. It even fights inflammation, swelling and other fever symptoms and helps remove excess fluids from the body to promote better urine flow because of its diuretic effect.

For the mature individuals who may already have problems climbing stairs or lifting objects, 100% Organic Pearl Coix  helps strengthen joints and reduces limb stiffness so you’ll be more agile and swift in your movements and other daily physical routines.

More importantly, studies have also shown that 100% Organic Pearl Coix has cancer-fighting indications, particularly that of the stomach, liver and lung, when used jointly with standard anti-cancer protocols. How’s that for super health benefits?

It’s no wonder that pearl coix is highly regarded in Japan when it comes to effectively promoting beautiful skin, hair and nails, plus a beauty regimen amongst Japanese women for keeping skin as supple, radiant and gleaming as ever. In the Philippines, 100% Organic Pearl Coix replicates those fantastic benefits to Filipinas longing for age-defying, skin beautifying, health and wellness wonders.

And it is so easy to enjoy the gains that 100% Organic Pearl Coix powder can bring to you.  Just take out a sachet of 100% Organic Pearl Coix, mix with your favorite beverage, whether tea, coffee, milk or even plain water, and start gaining a huge dose of self-confidence by being a healthy, glowing and beaming you, every day.

Ms. Gorgeous Cory Quirino shares her thoughts and ideas on how to create the better if not best version of yourself. 

For more information, visit; like us on Facebook (; follow us on Twitter #HyC150 or Instagram @HyC150, or call (02)546-7297, (02)861-6298, or 0917-7750779. 100% Organic Pearl Coix is now available in Watsons stores nationwide, online at Lazada (, or at the HyC online store with free delivery nationwide. 

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