Michael Pangilinan's heart, inspiration and versatility

Michael Pangilinan the "Harana Prince" 

If you would only get to know Michael or Khel as some would comfortably address him, you'll get to see his honesty, humbleness, his passion and dedication to his craft, his love for his family and of course he is a natural comedian, I must say. He also knows how to "make lambing" or be extra sweet like a child requesting to have his wish granted to his manager Mr. Jobert Sucaldito. 

From the numerous times that we've covered his gigs, concerts, presscons, and even the premiere screening of his first film, "Pare, Mahal Mo Raw Ako," with Edgar Allan Guzman, Trina Legaspi, Matt Evans and Joross Gamboa, we've come to know him better every chat and interview we had. Inspite his very fresh age, and maybe because of what he has been through in life, he has grown mature enough to face whatever difficulties and problems he may have. 

Michael's soft features and good looks is a reflection of what he is in person. He is a family-oriented person and that he's willing to do anything just to protect, support and make them happy. For those who are not aware, Michael is now facing a personal issue: it's about his son. Hope you could watch this video during our interview with him. 


Khel has been longing for his only son and claims that he hasn't seen his baby for about five months already but according to him, everything's in the legal process now and he can only tell limited details about it. We give that privacy to him, after all he really deserves to be happy and be with his son, right? 

Michael seems so happy during the media launch of his self-titled album held at Music Box in Timog Ave., Quezon City

About his lovelife, he said everything's fine between him and his girlfriend and also a singer Garie Concepcion who happens to be the actor Gabby Concepcion's daughter to Grace Ibuna. Khel's excited to go out of the country with Garie and that their first target is Macau and Hongkong since according to him, he wanted to buy some Wakeboarding stuff there. He's into wakeboarding for two months now which is I guess is beneficial for him. He became more lean and aside from his usual sport which is basketball, at least he has another diversion which is good for him since according to him, he became addicted to it from day 1. 

Okay, now we go to his ultimate passion which is singing. During the media launch of his self-titled album, he was so generous to sing for us eight tracks. 

Michael, holding his second album under Star Music Ph. 

Khel is so proud of his album which also includes original songs with a carrier single entitled, "Hanggang Kailan," the groovy "Tayo Na Lang," his own composition, "Tanging Ligaya Mo," and "Pare, Mahal Naman Kita," the sequel of his hit song, "Pare, Mahal Mo Raw Ako." The song "Tanging Ligaya Mo," has actually struck me, it was a very heartfelt and sensitive song, which was also incidentally, became his theme song to her grandmother. Once you've listen to how Michael renders the song, you would all agree with me that he really poured his heart out to this, you can also sense how inspired he was when he wrote it, you'll feel it too, I know. 

Michael singing "Tanging Ligaya Mo"

Michael's versatility is very evident in his latest album where it also offers Michael's different and moving takes on Hajji Alejandro's "Tag-araw, Tag-ulan," Ariel Rivera's "Ayoko Na Sana," Sarah McLachlan's "Angel," and Bread's "Everything I Own." 

Yey got Michael's album already! Thank you Sir Jobert, Sir RK and Khel! 

But wait there's more! Michael's latest album has bonus tracks like "Bakit Ba Ikaw," "Kung Sakali," "Pare, Mahal Mo Raw Ako," "Crossroads," ("The Love Affair" Sailing theme), and "Parang Tayo Pero Hindi," on which he duets with Angelyn Quinto. 

Truly nothing and no one can stop Michael in making his name in the industry. Just last year, he became a runner-up at the celebrity singing contest, "Your Face Sounds Familiar" Season 2, he was also one of the interpreters of the Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2016 5th Best Song, "Parang Tayo, Pero Hindi." Michael is Star Music Ph's newest singing heartthrob! 

"What's new in my album is I have more songs, and I composed a song that's included in it. This album is also more emotional and sentimental compared to my first album," shared Michael. When we asked him, his top 3 most fave tracks from this album, his answer was... 

1. Hanggang Kailan
2. Tayo Na Lang
3. Everything I Own 

The album can now be streamed on Spotify, and is available in music stores nationwide for only Php199. It is produced by Rox Santos and was released under Star Music Ph. The digital tracks can also be downloaded via online music stores such as ABS-CBN CBN Store, iTunes, mymusicstore.com.ph , amazon.com , OneMusic.ph  and StarMusic.ph 

For more information, visit www.starmusic.ph or follow Star Music's official social media accounts like www.facebook.com/starrecordsphils 
Twitter: @starrecordsph

That's me and Khel, Congrats! 

So what are you waiting for? Grab a copy of Michael Pangilinan's self-titled album where his heart, inspirstion and versatility is worth listening to. 

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