Dingdong Dantes is Alyas Robin Hood

Dingdong Dantes is Pepe/ Alyas Robin Hood

Dingdong Dantes is back on Primetime slot via his latest tv series, "Alyas Robin Hood." The very much controversial and most-talked about upcoming Filipino series from GMA Network, is finally having its pilot episode today, September 19, 2016, Monday right after "Encantadia." 

"Alyas Robin Hood" is packed with action, drama, romance, family values, life's conflicts, socio-economic issues, struggles, triumph, life's lessons and a lot more. It depicts of a story of a man Pepe de Jesus, played by prime actor, Dingdong Dantes who was framed up and was put to jail for allegedly murdering his own father, Jose de Jesus, played by multi-awarded actor Christopher de Leon. 

Pepe's transformation into viewing life differently and selflessly began when he went out of prison because of a prison break. His journey as "Alyas Robin Hood" materialized when he started to search for the truth. He was searching for the real culprit or murderer of his late father Don Jose de Jesus. 

As he was traversing his complicated life, he encountered different characters, aside from the love of his life, Sarri Acosta, a pediatrician played by Megan Young, who was shut off from his life the moment he entered prison, Pepe would be meeting another significant girl in his life, Venus played by the sultry Andrea Torres. Together, they will face life's struggles in search for truth and justice. 

"Alyas Robin Hood" is said to be a star-studded action-packed modern day "Robin Hood" television series. With a powerful cast, exciting scenes and socially relevant story, it'll definitely capture the hearts and minds of different generations. 

As the Kapuso star Dingdong Dantes say, "Maganda 'yung feeling na nagiging part ka ng pag-solve ng isang problem sa lugar ninyo, tumutulong ka sa community. Pero ang mas mahalaga, siyempre, ay 'yung paghahanap sa katotohanan. I think, isa 'yun sa main na gustong ma-achieve ng character sa kuwento—malaman kung saan nagmula, sino ang may kagagawan ng lahat. Medyo komplikado.”

I guess if we could at least acquire Robin Hood's ultimate characteristic which being selfless and helpful, this world would be one better place to live in, do you agree? 


Kapuso Primetime King Dingdong Dantes is back on TV as he headlines GMA Network’s newest series Alyas Robin Hood beginning September 19. The series dramatically showcases an inspiring truth that in each one of us is a hero, able to be of service for the welfare of other people.

A combination of action, drama, adventure and comedy, Alyas Robin Hood revolves around the life of Pepe de Jesus (Dingdong), a man who finds absolution in doing service to his community. Known to be a prodigal son-turned-bar passer-turned-urban poor advocate, Pepe was framed up for the murder of his own father and was put behind bars. Believed to be perished after a violent prison break, Pepe survives and searches for the real culprit on the devastating death of his father and at the same time he redeems his own name under an assumed identity, Alyas Robin Hood. With the help of a few people he trusts, Pepe as Alyas Robin Hood mediates to seize crimes from happening, thus helping the oppressed as he slowly finds out the truth about who his real enemies are.
Dingdong will surely hook the viewers onto their TV screens as he embodies Alyas Robin Hood while doing action-packed scenes. 

Apart from portraying another striking performance, he also shares his enthusiasm to work with the country’s esteemed actors to date. “Ang gagaling ng mga kasama ko dito. Mula sa international best actors and actresses, talagang mga mahal ko sa industriya ang makakasama ko dito. Understatement ang excited. Sobrang inspired ako ngayon.”

Alyas Robin Hood also stars Kapuso actress Andrea Torres and 2013 Miss World Megan Young.

Megan Young as Sarri Acosta

In the beginning of Pepe’s journey, he will meet the love of his life, Sarri Acosta(Megan), a pediatrician who shares the same values with him in helping out the less fortunate. However, because of the murder allegation, Pepe is shunned in Sarri’s life.

Andrea Torres as Venus

Along the way, he also encounters Venus (Andrea), who tries to help him in his quest for justice and truth. Pepe, in return, will intuitively make her change her point of view when it comes to stealing and being selfish.

Cherie Gil as Maggie Balbuena

Joining them are respected TV and movie actors: seasoned actress Ms. Cherie Gil as Maggie Balbuena, Dean’s mother who is a powerful PR practitioner who dreams of lording over the city by supporting the political aspirations of his son; award-winning actor Sid Lucero as Dean Balbuena, a corrupt politician who is responsible for the death of Pepe’s father and Pepe’s arch rival with Sarri; and 2016 Cannes Film Festival Best Actress Ms. Jaclyn Jose as Judy de Jesus, Pepe’s understanding mother.

Sid Lucero as Dean Balbuena

Ms. Jaclyn Jose as Judy de Jesus

The show also features the special participation of multi-awarded actor Christopher “Boyet” De Leon as Jose de Jesus, Pepe’s father who from early on tried to teach his sons to avoid conflicts.

Gary Estrada as Caloy de Jesus

Playing equally vital roles in the series are Paolo Contis as Daniel Acosta, Sarri’s older brother and an honest and incorruptible police officer; Gary Estrada as Caloy, Pepe’s older brother; Dennis Padilla as Wilson Chan, a casino businessman who is also Maggie’s partner in her dream for his son’s political career; John Feir as Armando Estanislao, a businessman who deals in seemingly shady business but is actually legit and generous;Tanya Gomez as Adelita Mayuga, a corrupt barangay captain who is one of Wilson’s pawns in the city; Gio Alvarez as Jerico Sumilang, Pepe’s best friend; Lindsay de Vera as Lizzy de Jesus, Pepe’s niece and a daughter to Caloy and Judy; Dave Bornea as Julian Balbuena, Maggie’s second child and Dean’s half-brother and Caprice Cayetanoas Jessica Sumilang, Jerico’s daughter. Completing the powerhouse cast are ReyPJ” Abellana as Leandro, the father of Venus and Ces Quesada as Cha, the morally challenged vice mayor of the city.

Alyas Robin Hood is under the helm of director Dominic Zapata. He said that he is enthusiastic on how Alyas Robin Hood will leave a mark on Philippine TV.  “For this show, we always push the story deeper. Kaya naman the team promises that we will create something that you will all be proud of. Something that will make a mark,” he shared.

Catch Alyas Robin Hood, beginning September 19, Monday to Friday, after Encantadia on GMA Telebabad.

Get the latest updates of Alyas Robin Hood from the official website of GMA Networkwww.gmanetwork.com and official Facebook page of GMANetworkwww.facebook.com/GMANetwork

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