CMANC's Proudly Pinoy-Made New Daewoo Low Floor Bus wows crowd during the 6th PIMS

Mr. Mario Regis, CMANC General Manager (right) during the launch of the new Daewoo Low Floor Bus BS120SN

The launch of CMANC's proudly Pinoy-made Daewoo Low Floor Bus BS120SN made a great impact not only to the local commuters but also to the whole nation and outside our country. Once again, we have proven that the Filipino ingenuity will never settle for just second best hence, be the one on top. We have all the right to be competitive when it comes to the global market. 

The launch was held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City during the 6th PIMS (Philippine International Motor Show). What I like most about CMANC's launch was, they were able to feature the real Filipino lifestyle with musicality. And that's what almost every "Juan" loves right? Music, singing and dancing. The whole musical play evolved from the 80' s era up to present, showcasing the regular commuters' life using the PUV manufactured locally by CMANC (Columbian Manufacturing Company). 

It was indeed a very entertaining, eye-catching and an enjoyable opening. It made us realize and appreciate more the importance of our transport vehicles that has plays a very vital role in our lives. 

CMANC School Bus

The new Daewoo BS120SN Low Floor Bus

During the launch, I was able get inside the model bus and took photos of the interiors and different areas of the very modeen bus. 

Look how comfy these seats are

This part of the Daewoo Bus BS120SN really caught my eye. It gives priority to disabled or PWD. 

The CMANC Daewoo executive group 

Congratulations #CMMANCDAEWOOBus for the great job!

Let us patronize our very own and be proud of it!!! 


When it comes to crisscrossing the archipelago or tackling the Metro Manila traffic, comfort is key to surviving long distance travel and public transportation. Today, thanks to Daewoo Bus from Columbian Manufacturing Corp. (CMANC), the motoring and industrial leader in the Philippines, commuters, drivers, and passengers can expect a more enjoyable and premium travel experience.

The Daewoo Bus is especially designed to adapt to the country's tropical climate, and challenging terrain, whether its steep inclines or rough road conditions. Daewoo Bus is indeed, the reliable partner of every commuting Filipino. Serving the Filipino commuters from Northern Luzon to Southern Mindanao.

On September 14, at the 6th Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) - “Steer the Future” launch, held at World Trade Center, Daewoo Bus unveils its newest model for public transportation, the BS120SN Low Floor Bus. The BS120SN is designed for optimal automotive performance and superior fuel efficiency, with built-in premium features for ultra-comfort. It promises to make journeys and bus transportation not only a more comfortable one, but also a truly enjoyable experience.

To the delight of many passengers, the Daewoo Bus model is designed for Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) and Airport Transport System all over the Philippines, offering a safer, more comfortable and better quality mass transportation.

“As everyone knows, the public transportation system in the country, most especially in Metro Manila, has been a problem for many years. But there are definitely ways to help alleviate the situation. Daewoo Bus aims to contribute to the solution by offering a better and safer means for people to commute,” shares CMANC General Manager, Mario Regis. “We would also aim to take a way the belief of most of our kababayan that imported vehicles have better quality than those assembled and manufactured locally. With the world-class skills of our local workforce, we have no doubt that the vehicles we produced can compete globally.  So it’s time we patronize something that is our own.”

“We encourage Filipinos to patronize locally produced buses as it helps support the employment of thousands of workers. We have always believed that CMANC is not merely a vehicle manufacturer, but a transportation solutions provider.” Mr. Regis added.

Columbian Manufacturing Corporation (CMANC) is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Daewoo Buses. Though a Korean Brand, Daewoo’s newest mass transportation vehicles will be manufactured locally at the Sta. Rosa Motors Works, Inc., the largest bus manufacturing plant in the country. The entrance of Daewoo Bus BS120SN model is installed with wheelchair ramp to provide comfortable ride to disabled passengers and senior citizens.

The event was organized by the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI).

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