Danke Wagner German Bakery !

The Wagner German Bakery is located at Two Central, Ground Floor, Retail B, Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati City

A lot of firsts for me during my visit at the newly-opened (July 27) Wagner German Bakery. It was a rainy Friday eve, but we still managed to pay a visit to a previously commited German dining where else? Here at the latest talk-of-the-town bakery where they serve authentic German bread and selected German-Austrian hot dishes. 

This will be the very first interior that you'll see upon entering the extravagantly lit refreshing German bakery. 

You want me to tour you around? Here, do watch my short video I recorded during our visit. 

Here's the link, kindly click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GF6q5l1Buk

Meeting up and talking with one of the owners Mr. Bernhardt Wagner 

It was a very pleasant and cheerful conversation we had with the accommodating Mr. Bernhardt.
We werevery much enlightened why he and his family opted to stay here in the Philippines. Having a Filipina wife,  Mrs. Helen Yambao Wagner, who hails from Pampanga, choosing our country was never a question for them to establish a business and settle here for good. 
According to Mr. Bernhardt, Filipinos love to eat anytime of the day, with or without occasion, just like his wife who eats six times a day, he shared.
Mr. Bernhardt was enjoying his German beer 

He loves our dinuguan with puto and also enjoys our "balut," and he eats the whole of it, mind you. 

He also shared that they are planning to expand and have the authentic German-Austrian hot dishes if not in the near building by Megaworld, it could be in Alabang where the majority of the Israelis live or somewhere in Bonifacio Global City
and leave this resto as a German Bakery alone.
You might be wondering who were the good hands behind the kitchen. Well, they are Mrs. Olga Brekitsch, wife of Mr. Thomas Brekitsch, business partner of Mr. Bernhardt Wagner, the owner-general manager. The other one who manages the kitchen is Mr. Bernhardt's son, Angelo Wagner.
Wagner German Bakery's signature bread, Krusten-Brot

I've also known that all the breads here are freshly made everyday and that all the ingredients come from Germany. And take note, all the German breads are fast-moving products so you better be early when you wish to buy some!

Brezn (Pretzel), Croissant or Fruhstucksbrot are their best-sellers

As for me, whatever you may call it, I love all the German breads they've offered! 

Hausegemachter Leberkäse
Homemade meatloaf with their signature potato salad and pretzel Php 450.00 

I like their signature meatloaf, it's tasty, firm, not greasy and the've put all the ingredients altogether in a equal proportions, it just taste right. 

Fiaker Goulash
Beef Goulash with fried egg and fried chicken sausage and dumpling Php 460.00

This beef goulash is somewhat similar to beef mechado, only with a much lighter flavor. You see there are tons of food around the world but you can always find some dish that somehow similar or alike in one way to or another, try it! 

Homamade noodles with cheese and roasted onions Php 440.00

If you are a fan of onions, this one is for you. I guess this will be perfectly paired when you're having a beer. 

Schnitzel - Veal, Chicken, Pork
Schnitzel with their signature potato salad.
Your choice of Veal (young cow's meat) for Php 650.00 or
Chicken/ Pork for Php 550.00 

Nürnberger Brätwürste
Grilled pork sausages (5 pc.) with Sauerkraut 
Php 430.00 

German version of our Longganizang Lukban but with a subtle flavor. I love the sauerkraut they go along perfectly! 

Of course they serve German beers! 

As for me, I had a fresh yellow mango shake

This creamy pistachio gelato is really a must-try! It is to die for! I bet yah! 

And last but definitely not the least, I requested for a coffee to cap off the night

Mocha, slightly extended topped with warm milk foam 
Php 150.00 

Serving a coffee with a metal plate is a German tradition since 1455 and they are still practicing it until now. 

You may contact Wagner German Bakery thru :
Phone: (02) 7720-955
Mobile: 0917-627-8880

They are open as early as 7am and closes at 7pm daily except for Sundays. 
They serve breakfast, lunch and sandwiches for snacks. 


for making my German-inspired firsts all worthwhile! 

See you again soon! 

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