GMA 66th Anniversary Treat: Download the GMA app for a chance to win cash prizes

Download the GMA Network mobile app now and have the chance to win loads of cash prizes!!! 

First, I want to greet the network that had been part of our daily lives for the past years and had been very close (still is) to my heart... Happy 66th Anniversary GMA Network!!! 

And in connection with this, I want to share this great news to all the loyal Kapuso fans out there! GMA Network is very generous to share their blessings and treat us to a very exciting and easy to achieve prizes! 

I can already feel your excitement! Well, here it is: all you have to do is download the GMA Network mobile app on App Store for iOS users, and Google Play Store for Android users.

Actually, even before writing this article, I've already downloaded the GMA app and I've already tried its features most specially the games where we can earn points which can be converted to raffle entries.

Here are the clickable and very useful features that GMA Network mobile app has.

These two online games really made me enjoy and realize... "it's not that boring after all!" Actually I find it quite challenging. 

Home Foodie Puzzle of hosts Iya Villania and Drew Arellano

I've tried two sliding puzzles first and has earned 50 pts. for each game. 

And if you share this game to any of  your social media accounts (like I did), you'll get this: 

Yipee! Additional 20 pts. for me!

You wanna know how I got an additional 20 points? It was so easy, I just shared the game to my Twitter account, and it's supposed to appear  like this: 

See? No sweat! 

And there's more! You can also be updated with the latest showbiz news, see behind the scene photos of your favorite Kapuso artists and watch some highlight clips of your fave shows.  

Now, there's another way of winning amazing prizes via the Sweepstakes: 

Just click on any of the GMA shows or programs featured and if your earned points are enough to participate in the raffle, then just click JOIN. 

For the Kapuso Panalo Sweepstakes, for every 500 points earned, it is equivalent to 1 raffle entry and raffle draw happens weekly and monthly. All entries from June 1 to June 30 will qualify for the monthly draw where 66,000 pesos can be won! 

GMA Kapuso Network is giving away a total of PhP 192,000 worth of cash prizes to their loyal Kapuso and mobile app users. There will be 77 winners of cash prizes (1 winner of PhP 66,000, 10 winners of 6,000, 66 winners of 1,000). Winners will be announced on July 2. 

Oh my geez, that's a whole lotta cash! You can include me as one of the hopeful ones. (wink, wink) 

You can check out more details here
and visit this site too. 

So what are you waiting for? Download the GMA Network mobile app now, you do not only play games, you get to earn points, join the raffle as well and have more chances of winning cash prizes, you also get to be #AlwaysAppdated with every showbiz news from your Kapuso artists and network. 

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