Philippine Basketball's future looking bright

Giant kid
Meet Kyle "Kai"  Zachary Sotto, a 13 year old junior basketball player with a towering height of 6'9" 

Philippines is considered a "Basketball Crazy" country, as they say. And I say, we can proudly claim it. When I attended the opening of the second NBA store in the Philippines, which was located at the SM Megamall Fashion Hall, the 1987 NBA All-Rookie Team and 5-Time NBA Champion, Ron Harper was there.  

That's me with NBA Legend Ron Harper

During the said launch, Mr. Harper has admitted that he was very surprised and was at awe when he saw numerous basketball courts in almost every corner of our busy streets. Actually, if you would really focus on counting those, Mr. Harper's observation has a viable basis, right? 

In my family, I've grown to love and watch basketball games, since our father was an avid fan of the popular sport. It has become a part of our system, perhaps our Filipino culture. And this sport, plays a very essential role most especially to the younger generations. 

The Jr. NBA / Jr. WNBA Ph Presented by Alaska, is  one of Alaska milk's programs that shape, train, challenge and inspire children to achieve their dreams and aspirations in life.

The 50 boys and 30 girls who were able to surpass the drills and challenges during the first day of Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA as Presented by Alaska.

Just recently, I had a great opportunity of covering the Jr. NBA / Jr. WNBA search for best basketbal players as presented by Alaska. In all of the 1,114 who participated during the first day of judging and screening held at Don Bosco in Makati City, only 16 boys and 8 girls were chosen. They were the most fortunate ones who will make up the All-Star Team which will be concluded during the National Training Camp. 

And of all those junior players who participated, only one made it on my stand-out list. He should really be that eye-catcher and attention drawer, since his height is already 6'9" at a very tender age of thirteen. He studied at St. Francis of Assisi in Las Pinas. Shoe size? A whooping 15" He's an incoming 7th grader this next school year, so for all those who's interested to have him in their school's varsity teams, go come and watch him play, this April 22 and 23 in Don Bosco Makati and on April 24, at the Music Hall of SM Mall of Asia. 

That's me with the instant junior basketball superstar (I call him like that), Kai Sotto, our future NBA player, son of former PBA ALASKA player, Ervin Sotto. 

Kai and his team mates in the red team was being instructed by their coach, during the second day of the Jr. NBA / Jr. WNBA Presented by Alaska. 

Kai really is fond of drinking Alaska Milk and look what it has done to him? 

I say this kind of junior basketball player like Kai, who has acquired the right discipline, great attitude, has full respect of others and with good family values, would definitely make the Philippine Basketball's future looks so bright! 

Here's my interview with him, you be the judge. 


This future basketball superstar is now the point of interest of the majority of the basketball afficionados! Look at the page views of my interview with him during the #JrNBA #JrWNBA event! 

And if you would also take a closer look and click the comment box below the video, our fellow Pinoys are so hopeful and wishes him all the best! 

Congratulations to the 30 (16 boys and 8 girls) who made it to the National Training Camp. They can now advance to the next phase. See you on April 22-24!!! Best of luck kids! 

Such a very humble and a bit shy Kai, during our interview with him. Your parents must be really proud of you! Congrats Kai!!! 

We are all looking forward towards your advancement! Hope that you achieve all your dreams and goals. We can't wait to see you make us all proud! Proud Pinoys we are! 

Go Kai, Go!!! 

Here are some of the behind the scene photos from my coverage of Jr. NBA /Jr. WNBA Presented by Alaska click here

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