Michael Pangilinan: Promising and Inspiring

Michael Pangilinan as Crisostomo Ibarra in "Kanser @35" The Musical (pct: curtaincallmanila.com) 

As fresh as his face, Michael Pangilinan at 19, has actually experienced a lot as compared to what others have in his age group. I've only first known and noticed Michael during the "Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2014." He was one of the 15 finalists there, who interpreted the song, 'Pare, Mahal Mo raw Ako," by Joven Tan, from the mere title of the song itself, it had drawn huge attention to the majority and thus, putting Michael himself in hot seat. 

I guess, because of that occurrence,  it has contributed to Michael's career growth. I just wanted to commend him for his performances at the "Your Face Sounds Familiar" Season 2 . His recent performance as Brandon Beal of the popular song, 'Twerk it like Miley," was exceptional. his voice and his moves were very swift, he doesn't have to overact. For me, he really has what it takes to be a star. 

Michael Pangilinan as Brandon Beal in "Your Face Sounds Familiar" Season 2 (pct: Michael Pangilinan @khelpangilinan on Instagram)

Few days ago, I was so fortunate to watch "Kanser @35" the Musical at the AFP Theater in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City. When I got the invite to watch Michael Pangilinan in a musical play, I got real curious and excited. you see, it's gonna be my first time to watch him perform live in a musical play, and in a leading role, mind you. 

The whole cast of "Kanser @35" The Musical (pct: curtaincallmanila.com)

Just wanted to share with you, my dear amazing readers, that "Kanser" is considered to be the longest running play in the Philippine theater history. having based and derived its story from our National hero, Dr. Jose Rizal from his novel, "Noli Me Tangere," the musical play was written by Jomar Fieras, music by Jed Balsamo, choreographed by Paul Alexander and was directed by Franniel Zamora. 

So glad to know that, on its 35th year, 'Kanser" was presented as a full length musical theater production that started last August 28, 2015. Michael admitted that, he's still a newbie when it comes to theater acting, he said, "Malaki pong adjustment ang ginawa ko, sinabi ko sa sarili ko, kapag di ko binigay 'yung puso't sarili ko sa ginagawa ko, hindi ko magagawa nang maayos." 

Michael Pangilinan right after "Kanser @35" The Musical

Michael even added that, 'In every performance ko, kahit saan, lagi ko sinasabi, Lord, kayo mag-perform, kayo magsalita, kayo mag-spiel, kayo lahat. " Such a very positive and inspiring attitude! 

The very promising singer/ actor also admitted that, he really find it hard preparing for his role as Crisostomo Ibarra, he did research, and asked different resource persons most especially from his co-theater actors.  He also shared that, joining theater has been a great help for him with his performances in "Your Face Sounds Familiar." 

In addition, Michael also sang the theme song of  "Everyday, I love You," an upcoming Star Cinema movie starring Gerald Anderson, Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil. He's singing a cover of 'It might be you." 

Michael Pangilinan with co-actors during the curtain call of "Kanser @35" The Musical

Congratulations Michael! And to the whole team of "Kanser @35," 
After watch the musical play, I can definitely claim that, Michael is indeed a very promising and inspiring persona! More power to you!!! 

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