Tokyo Tokyo unveils new Store Design and Dessert Bar

                        Hazelnut Crepe

Japanese restaurant chain Tokyo Tokyo, has been a mainstay in major locations nationwide. With their constant introduction of Japanese dishes, it has been the go-to place of Filipinos craving for affordable Japanese-inspired meals.

30 years since the opening of its first branch, Tokyo Tokyo continues to remain true to its Japanese heritage by taking it a notch higher through the introduction of its latest store design which will first be unveiled in its newest branch in Venice Piazza, Mckinley Hill.

Carissa Loresca, Tokyo Tokyo Marketing Officer, said: We are implementing a new store look to provide our loyal customers a more upgraded Japanese dining experience. We are committed in bringing Japan closer to Filipinos not only through constant innovations in our product line, but also through our store ambiance. In coming up with the new store design, we have incorporated familiar Japanese elements but with a modern twist.

The new store design maintains a modern minimalist look  medium-height wooden tables and chairs, paneled ceilings with modern low-hanging Japanese lighting accents. Walls are adorned with iconic Tokyo landmarks such as the Shibuya Crossing, temples, bullet train, tori-i and the Imperial Palace, all contributing to achieve that Japanese atmosphere.

Simultaneous with the launch of the new store design, Tokyo Tokyo also introduces it first ever Dessert Bar, which features an extensive line of Japanese-inspired desserts that will surely satisfy any sweet tooth. Following the success of the Snow Ice, which was introduced last summer, customers can now choose from an expanded dessert menu.

                     Tempura Oreo Ala Mode

Tokyo Tokyos new signature desserts include light Japanese Matcha cheesecakes, decadent Hazelnut Crepe, luscious Dark Chocolate Mousse, smooth Fruit Crème, refreshing Lychee Jelly, warm Tempura Oreo Ala Mode and a variety of pastries such as the flakey Croughnuts and chewy Japanese Pon de Ring. All these desserts perfectly partnered with freshly brewed Coffee preparations such as Café Latte, Capuccino and Iced Mocha, making the Tokyo Tokyo Dessert Bar menu a perfect ending to your Tokyo Tokyo lunch or an ideal afternoon treat.

We know that Filipinos love sweets and Japan has a lot of unique desserts to offer Filipinos. Expanding the options in our Dessert Bar is Tokyo Tokyos answer to these sweet Japanese cravings. As of now, our Dessert Bar is available in select branches, one of which is the newly-opened Venice Piazza in Mckinley Hill but expanding it to more branches is definitely in the works. said Loresca.

So what are you waiting for? Head on to the Tokyo Tokyo Venice Piazza and indulge on these new sweet treats!

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