Financial Freedom means less stress with Meralco's Kuryente Load (K-Load)

When I've learned about the proposed prepaid plan of Meralco (Manila Electric Company) sometime last March of this year, I got really curious about it. The prepaid program is called "Kuryente Load," or otherwise known as K-Load. I've seen it first from a news program in television, then read it  online, until I've followed updates about it. 

As we all know, we Pinoys are very fond of "tingi-tingi." Like for example, when we purchase shampoo and conditioner sachets, cooking oil, soy sauce, vinegar blister packs and other fast-consuming and necessary commodities. We buy those items since it's more readily available, handy and less expensive. We also get the thinking that by buying those "tingi" items, we get to control and somehow anticipate the flow of our consumption. 

Basically, that's the whole concept of Meralco's K Load prepaid service. It is not a "One-time, Big-time" deal.We can never go beyond our budget. The way I see it and basing from the testimonies of the present K- Load subscribers, if we're going to weigh the pros and cons, it is more likely that I am going to try this prepaid service. Why? I know most of you like me, experience the monthly "shock" every time we receive our electric bill. As a postpaid subscriber of Meralco, I am not aware of our monthly consumption and the flow of our electric usage. It is also a contributory factor for me to feel stressed, annoyed and disgusted whenever I see our monthly electric bill. 

Just to give you an idea of one of the testimonies, I'd like to share with you this video which talks about real life, real people and real story. I know you could also relate with Mr. Bien Lacap's story...

Video taken from Meralco Facebook page

 You see, as a single mom,  every single cent counts, for a K-Load subscriber, they enjoy up to 20% savings. Meaning, I can get use of my savings for other household expenses and for any other future purposes. Financial and emotional freedom are the key points for me. As soon as I achieve those, less stress, less burden, less worries, less hassle and of course PEACE of MIND will come. It is absolutely beneficial for all of us, subscribers. 

Another good point for K-Load is that, it also ensures safety. Since it is now made accessible for the unserved (flying connectors, jumpers, new customers), there would be no more risk of overloading resulting to fire in communities with flying connection and jumpers. See, that's a great advantage for all of us, right? 

I know, there's also an ongoing question running right in your head now... just to let you know, there's no installation fee, no bill deposit and they also have relaxed application requirements. I guess Meralco's been thinking that, to lessen the hassle and for us to find a little more time for our application, they made everything easy and simple. 

So now, we go to "How to Apply to MERALCO's K-Load?"

MERALCO's K-Load application booth in Cainta, Rizal 

Please watch this very simple yet useful video for you to know how to become a K-Load subscriber

(Video taken from Flow Galindez)

MERALCO's Senior VP & Head-Corporate Communications, Mr. Alfredo Panlilio being interviewed by ABS-CBN news anchor/reporter Alvin Elchico during the tour at the Cainta Public Market

Subsequently, Cainta Public Market is the first marketplace to subscribe to Kuryente Load. This is part of the development initiatives of both Meralco and Cainta to not only enhance electricity service but more importantly to help uplift the lives of the community it serves.

According to Meralco, the P100 load is enough to power a television set, an electric fan as well as light up a house up to two days, depending on use. Customers can load a minimum of P100 at different Meralco service centers, Bayad Centers and e-load retailers.

In order to avail the so-called K-Load program, an existing Meralco subscriber may submit an application form and load up a minimum of P100 to activate his or her account. Within 3 to 5 days, a Meralco technician will replace the old electric meter with a new one for free. New customer will be asked to submit proof of billing and a fire safety inspection certificate.

Kuryente Load has multiple loading outlets: 

  • Meralco Business Centers
  • Bayad Centers
  • Eload Retailers like Sari-sari stores 
  • Generika
  • Ministop
  • Robinsons Malls 

K-Load subscribers may load or re-load anytime, anywhere, most especially in 24/7  loading outlets, that's why you don't have to line up at BCs. It is available even during weekends and holidays. No need to worry about running out of load, you will be receiving free SMS notifications like your balance updates, low load reminder, reload confirmation and rate adjustments. By the way, there's no load expiration for this. 

We don't have to worry about long service interruption since it would only take 5 minutes to reconnect upon reload. We don't have to report it to Meralco and wait for the technicians to arrive. 

Another good point of the K-Load prepaid service, is that, the lessors, developers, can also benefit from this as well as the tenants. The lessors/ landlords can sell load to unit owners so they need not to worry about tenants running away from their unpaid  electric bills and at the same time this could give them the opportunity to earn extra money as well. As for the tenant's part, they can even have their own account and have full control of their regular electric consumption. So there's integrity, transparency and accountability here. 

Kuryente Load is currently available in the City of Manila, Rizal (Cainta, Taytay, Angono and Binangonan), some portions of San Juan, Pasig, Cavite, Caloocan and Bulacan. 

Overall, Kuryente Load or K-Load prepaid service allows us to 
MONITOR our electric consumption
CONTROL our usage
Enjoy substantial SAVINGS

To help you more about K-Load, please watch 
Meralco Flash Mob viral video

So if I were you, I will inquire now and be a K-Load subscriber today! 
You can visit nearest Meralco Business Center or call 1622-7737

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