Awesome Family Portraits from Pampers! #FirstsWithPampers

Mother and son portrait during Pampers Baby Dry campaign held last June 29, 2015 at Rustan's Makati

Have you ever tried having your picture taken with your kid.or family that is FREE and wet-proof which can last a lifetime? 

Well, I did (minus my kid). And that happened during Pampers Baby Dry's Free First Family Photo Promo, which I've previously blogged about and posted here.

As we all know, Pampers has been part of our lives most especially for the moms and babies out there who'd been using this most-trusted diaper brand since 1950's. Looking back, Grandfather Victor Mills, an American chemical engineer who works for Procter & Gamble Co. has revolutionised the creation of disposable nappies with his grandchildren as his test subjects.

With all those happenings, Pampers was born and over the years, they had developed the diapers according to the baby's comfortability, needs and the parent's concerns with all the durability and practicality and everything that goes with it, Pampers Baby Dry is no doubt, the most-trusted brand for moms like me.

Going back to the promo, as mentioned in my previous blog, you'll get to avail the (2) Free family portraits which is wet-proof, if you just simply buy Pampers Baby Dry or Pampers Premium Care jumbo or super jumbo pack at Marketplace, and present the proof of purchase to the friendly staff. Participants must be accompanied by a child or children 5 years of age or younger.

The side set-up for the photo booth courtesy of Pampers in Rustan's Makati

Wooden family chair with the Pampers Baby Dry on top

The Pampers Premium Care on the side table as part of the set-up

This is so nice,. a make-up vanity table!

My blogger/friend Karina Ramos with her baby Kat preparing for their photo shoot

Karina and Kat during their Pampers photo shoot

Now it's time for baby Kat to have her solo shot!

While still enjoying our stay there, I was able to witness another photo shoot of a self-confessed regular user/ consumer of Pampers. This time, it's a Mom and Son team! 

Aren't they so sweet and lovely? 

Look how cute he is! Seems like he's enjoying the whole photo shoot session. 'Atta boy!  

After they've developed the pictures in just few minutes, they're ready for viewing and testing. You might be wondering why was it being tested? Well, since Pampers Philippines is very generous in giving away two wet-proof family portraits that can last up to 100 years, they wanted to prove to us that it is indeed a 100% wet-proof picture! 

She's applying a wet cotton ball while squeezing it over the kid's picture, nothing unusual happened, actually. This was a clear evidence that it's a 100%  and certified wet-proof picture! I've seen this, really!

Of course, I wouldn't go home without having my portrait taken 

Here's mine! Thanks much Pampers Philippines!  

To give you a brief idea about Pampers' premium diapers, here's for all of you moms, dads and guardians out there who're still undecided in choosing the right disposable nappies for their babies and for all those who are not happy and dissatisfied with their present diaper brands.


Let the fresh air in, even when he is inside the diaper. Isn't it great to see your baby enjoying the fresh air while he discovers the world? Fresh air is not only something e enjoys, it is also beneficial for his skin. Pampers Premium Care with 5 star skin protection has a breathable cover that lets fresh air in and humid air out, helping to maintain his skin in its ideal condition.


Behind every next step is a dry night, up to 12 hours, in all-new Pampers Baby Dry, with Stretchy Tapes that adapt to baby's shape and movements, and still with Magic Gel to lock in wetness better than other diapers.

You see, everything that Grandfather Vic Mills had wanted and envisioned has been materialized and Procter & Gamble is continuously innovating their products all for the baby's happy and healthy development. 

Thank you PAMPERS!!! 

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