One Lightning Corporation launches the complete beauty regimen

One Lightning Corporation's complete beauty regimen

Filipinos have been known for being hygiene-conscious people. In our country, we regularly go to shower and sometimes we are still able to manage to take a bath three times a day, if the situation permits us. Aside from being like that, there are a lot of things we are conscious of. You wanna know what are those? 

Well, we're conscious of our status in life, in a way, this could serve as an inspiration for us to reach for our goals in life; we are also conscious of how we dress, of how other people might say or comment about us every time we go out. Most especially now, the netizens are so active in social media, everything's like a status that you can post then your friends and the public can see. 

I also believe that slowly, the Filipinos are now being more health-conscious, some of us, go to the gym to work out, jog and run around the park or the community, participate in every Zumba or aerobic sessions, involve themselves in physical activities and various sports. I should say, we are slowly getting there... 

In this very modern era, who wouldn't be conscious of our physical appearance? And when it comes to taking care of our skin and body, One Lightning Corporation comes to the rescue! They had launched a complete beauty regimen. And they are as follows: 

The quest for the ultimate beauty product is now over. One Lightning Corporation has combined together ingredients known for their anti-ageing, moisturizing, and skin protecting effects to create beauty products that have been proven effective and safe.

Shizen Charcoal Soap. Keeps me feel so fresh, clean and healthy. It's a plus factor that it gives a youthful glow to my skin!

Shizen Charcoal soap has been uniquely formulated to be a skin detoxifier, helping to clarify and lighten the skin.

 It is a good anti-aging product as well as an effective treatment for acne and other skin problems. With regular use, notice a much younger and suppler skin.

This rare product boasts of ingredients like papaya extract that gives a beautiful glow to your skin. It breaks down inactive cells which cleanses the pores and removes dead skin cells. L-glutathione is a protein that effectively whitens dark spot and blemishes. It is proven safe and is a natural occurring compound which fights free radical and protects skin against caused by UV exposure and free radicals. Activated charcoal has the ability to absorb into the skin and draw out dirt and oil which block the pores.

 Niacinamide is known to be a very good skin whitening formula with anti-aging and acne treatment formulation. Virgin Coconut Oil has a soothing and moisturizing effect that is suitable for treating rashes, skin problems and pigmentation. It is ideal for skin care. It helps prevent blemishes, skin cancer, premature aging and wrinkling of skin.

Exclusively distributed by One Lightning Corporation. For more information, call +632 226 4111. 

One Juice variants: Guyabano Tea, Green Tea, Guava Tea with Glutathione

Summer, sexy ingredients all in one juice

Summer’s unbearable heat has reached all-time high. A refreshing drink is all we need to keep us cool, calm and collected the rest of the season. It is even better if it comes with health-related benefits like energy boosting, anti-aging, whitening, and losing excess weight.

Depending on what you need, One Juice has three kinds of refreshments that not only offer a cool respite from this oppressing summer heat but also a healthy alternative to sodas and other sugary drinks. One Juice aims to provide consumers with options wherein they will embrace a healthy, sexy lifestyle without having to go under the knife.

One Juice Guava Tea has ingredients that help keep your skin youthful and glowing. Guava is known to help improve skin texture and elasticity. Glutathione is believed to help promote skin whitening. Collagen can help delay the signs of aging. Black tea, which is rich in anti-oxidants, helps increase your energy and metabolism. It contains stevia as well which is known to be an organic sugar substitute with zero calories.

One Juice Guyabano boasts of a unique blend of fruits and organic ingredients that will help you lose weight while staying healthy. Guyabano is said to aid the body in losing weight and increasing energy level. Mangosteen is another popular ingredient that helps you lose weight and reduce cholesterol. Wheat grass helps suppress appetite and improve digestion. Barley grass is believed to help boost immune system and balance the body's acid level. Spirulina is a dietary supplement that helps in weight loss.

One Juice Green Tea

Very refreshing and healthy One Juice Green Tea, even the kids love it too!

One Juice Green Tea helps promote weight loss and boost energy with ingredients like green tea, a known antioxidant that helps you lose weight and reduce your risk to cancer; garcinia cambogia, which is said to be a fat blocker and appetite suppressant; and L-Carnitine, which can help increase metabolism, boost energy and lose weight.

Exclusively distributed by One Lightning Corporation. For more information, call +632 226 4111.

 Youthful, glowing skin thru diamond beads

With summer soon over, school opening beckons. Expect traffic to worsen and more hours for students to reach school and the working populace to get to work. This also means exposing the skin to harmful elements as we go about performing our daily chores and routines.

One surefire weapon to keep the skin always clean, radiant, fair and smooth to the touch is LE MEILLEUR Micro Diamond Scrub. It effectively purifies the skin as it is enriched with spherical, wax-based mechanical exfoliators known as Cirabelle beads. Set aside the tiniest bit of apprehension since Cirabelle beads are proven to be safe for everyday use.

Other than Cirabelle beads, LE MEILLEUR also provides the skin with two great sources of antioxidants, namely Vitamin E, a beauty vitamin that protects the body tissues from free radicals and Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), a naturally occurring organic compound. It also contains Retinol which also works as an antioxidant and increases collagen production resulting to a youthful skin. 

Completing the components of this beauty miracle are Papaya Extract which gets rid of inactive cells, cleanses the pores, and gives the skin a lovely glow and Glycolic Acid whose ability to treat acne, exfoliation, and chemical peels dermatologist and experts vouch for.

One Beauty Ravissante makes skin so soft and very well moisturized. It has no sticky feel

One Beauty Ravissante. This lotion is a perfect indulgence for the skin and is an effective protection against the harmful effects of the UV rays and skin irritations caused by chemicals. It contains our unique combination of cosmetic ingredients like L-Glutathione, Papaya extracts, Neo Heliopan, Betafin and Titanium Dioxide that help to lighten up the skin, giving it a luxuriant, beautiful glow. Moreover, it has a mild scent that keeps one smelling fresh all day long.

Ingredients: Papaya Extract, L–Glutathione, Betafin & Neo Heliopan

Exclusively distributed by One Lightning Corporation. For more information, call +632 226 4111.

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June 11,2015

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