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#GabRu Gabbi Garcia and Ruru Madrid

Supporters, followers and fanatics of one of my most fave love teams today, the GabRu tandem from GMA's Artist Center, the long wait is over, 'coz here comes the most-awaited romantic drama series of Gabbi Garcia and Ruru Madrid, the tv remake of "Let the Love Begin." 

Way back 2005, about ten years ago, GMA Films has released "Let the Love Begin" movie starring Angel Locsin, Richard Gutierrez, Jennylyn Mercado and Herras. It has set the record to be one of the highest grossing Valentine movie of all time! The film was then directed by Mac Alejandre while the tv series is under the helm of Ms. Gina Alajar. 

Gabbi and Ruru are both excited about their latest project and at the same time, they also feel challenged in portraying the roles of Eric (Ruru) and Pia (Gabbi), which was then played by Richard and Angel in the film respectively.  

Gabbi Garcia and Ruru Madrid during the "Let the Love Begin" blogcon

Gabbi Garcia

During the "Let the Love Begin" blogcon which was held at Dulcinea in Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Gabbi even shared her experience in her "Scubasurero" drive to heal the marine life through diving. She was able to reach 60 ft. under with her dad, and was very surprised and amazed to find out that there was a clear spot somewhere under the sea of Mabini, Batangas. Gabbi also said that, to express her love for mother nature, in her own little way, she's helping in cleaning and maintaining the marine life. 

Gabbi Garcia was so happy during her "Scubasurero" campaign in Mabini, Batangas (Photo credits to GMA Network)

Ruru Madrid

According to Ruru, he's an adventurous type of person just like Gabbi, he engages himself in sports like Basketball, Baseball, Football, Volleyball, Swimming and he even cooks, he said. He also cracked a joke that he performs all those sports while cooking. You're really such a funny guys Ruru, you really know how to make Gabbi laugh. And with that, Gabbi admitted that, it's a plus factor (dagdag pogi points) that Ruru is a sporty person. 

To Gabbi: Would you want someone like Ruru to be your boyfriend in the future? 

"With his qualities naman, why not. Gentleman s'ya, tska he knows kung time ng kulitan, time ng seryosohan at saka aalagaan ka n'ya," Gabbi replied.

To Ruru: Would be comfortable if Gabbi ended up with dating someone else?

"Sa akin naman eh, kung saan masaya si Gab dun po ako. Pero s'yempre kung ano po 'yung nararamdaman ko para sa kanya, ipu-push ko 'yun," Ruru answered.

How different is your role here in "Let the Love Begin," compared to your past projects?

Gabbi: Sa "Let the Love Begin" po kasi, mas lighter 'yung story, compared to "My Destiny," 'yung role ko po dun kasi is really, drama po kami dun, sa "Seasons of Love" po, it's more of a romcom (romantic comedy), so ngayon light and feel good. Dito naman makikita n'yo ko 'yung maarteng side. 

Ruru: Usually ang lagi ko pong role 'yung mayabang, chickboy, 'yung ganun, dito sobrang bait ko dito, matalino ako dito. based po dun sa movie, parang janitor lang po si Richard dun eh, parang ganun, sobrang bait na type na lalaki. 

GabRu claimed that they portray the same roles and names like that in the movie but there will be a "twist" in the story and with some variations. 

What scene/s do you look forward to or excited to do based on the movie itself?

Gabbi: "Ako gusto ko 'yung ang cute kasi, I find it cute kasi 'yung nagsusulatan sila sa arm chair. 'Yung nagtatanungan sila sa arm chair ang cute-cute nilang dalawa." 

Ruru: "Ako gusto kong gawin 'yung kissing scene nila." (He laughs while Gabbi was so surprised and also laughing at the same time) Other than that, Ruru also feels excited about the "arm chair writing" scene. 

   Gabbi even added that, she also looks forward to the scene when Angel helped Richard's grandma in the movie unaware that she's Richard's grandma and that brought them to a big surprise. 

Let the Love Begin is topbilled by the newest Kapuso, Philippine Comedy Queen Aiai Delas Alas as Jeni, the hip and cool mother of Erick, with GMA-7's fast-rising love team Ruru Madrid as Erick, the eldest son of Jeni, and Gabbi Garcia as Pia, the smart childhood friend of Erick and daughter of Jeni's best friend, Tony.

GMA Network is proud to present a stellar cast of the country's most respected artists in film and television: Gardo Versoza as Tony, Jeni's best friend and the single father of Pia; Donita Rose as Celeste, wife of Tony and future stepmother of Pia who will eventually despise her and focus on spoiling her niece Luchie; Mark Anthony Fernandez as Jom, the station manager who is in love with Jeni; Neil Ryan Sese as Jess, the best friend of Jom who secretly loves Jeni; Gladys Reyes as Katy, the Diva DJ and Jeni's rival in the other station; and Ms. Gina Pareño as Lola Tacing, mother of Jeni and Erick's grandmother.

Completing the powerhouse cast are Noel Trinidad as Milton, the head of maintenance in the bookstore where Erick works; Phytos Ramirez as Uno, the spoiled and brat son of Celeste's friend; Abel Estanislao as Makoy, the career-oriented friend of Erick; Ricardo Cepeda as Rodney, the workaholic friend of Tony and the station manager of LSS FM; Joko Diaz as Enrico, Jeni's alcoholic husband; Rita Daniela as Luchie, the 'adopted' niece of Celeste; Ar Angel Aviles as Elsa, Erick's younger sister; Nomer Limatog as Jules, the younger brother of Makoy. Also joining the cast are Angeli Bayani, Sancho Delas Alas, Therese Malvar, and Ren Escano.

Let the Love Begin is all set to make audiences laugh, cry, and fall in love as it presents the beautiful story of Jeni (Aiai Delas Alas) and Tony (Gardo Versoza) and their children, Erick (Ruru Madrid) and Pia (Gabbi Garcia) that will withstand the test of time.

Jeni and Tony are best friends who are part of a radio program that gives advices on love and life. Jeni is an independent woman who has a live-in boyfriend Enrico (Joko Diaz), and has two kids by him, Erick, the eldest and the perfect son, and Elsa (Ar Angel Aviles), the youngest but the more matured one because she thinks just like her mom, Jeni. On the other hand, Tony is a widower, with one daughter named Pia (Gabbi Garcia), a daddy's girl who is deeply in love with arts.

A major problem will destroy Jeni and Tony's strong bond of friendship. After so many years, Jeni and Tony will cross paths once again because Pia (Gabbi) and Erick (Ruru) become close friends and later on fall in love.

Love really, is the most wonderful feeling that each and everyone of us can experience. Watching such a romantic drama tv series like "Let the Love Begin," reminds us that it's such a good thing that we are alive and that we feel love and we feel loved. 

So don't forget to catch the pilot episode of  "Let the Love Begin," on May 4, 2015 after "Pari Ko'y on GMA Telebabad Primetime block over GMA Network. 

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