"Different Times, Same Love," a special video tribute to all moms by Nido

They say a Mother's Love is timeless... it's unconditional, boundless, unselfish and nourishing. It's true. Do you agree with me? 

We all have been taken very well and been receiving so much love from our mothers and there's nothing to contest about it. The love and care that they give us, is the same love that we ought to give to our kids and to our kids' kids and so on... 

And so the cycle of love goes on... love begets love. 

Just like the scenario and theme from Nido Fortigrow 's latest tvc, "Different Times, Same Love." We owe a lot from our mothers;  we're like a clay molded to perfection (almost) by our role-model moms. And we should definitely thank them for who we are today. 

A mother's love is unending and nourishing. Just like Nestle's Nido Fortified, who had been with us for generations. #1 Moms trust Nido Fortified through the years, it has given support to our growing kids to assure them of the right kind of nutrition they need with each milestone. Nido Fortified has been with us through thick and thin... can consider it to be one of our most trusted allies when it comes to taking care of our growing children. 

Hope you'd take time to watch this special video tribute for all the Moms out there entitled, "Different Times, Same Love," brought to us by Nestle's Nido Fortified. 

Here's the link to the video: https://www.facebook.com/nidofortified.ph/videos/vb.166555516729028/921056977945541/?type=2&theater

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Happy Mother's Day!!! 

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