1 Higanteng Linis, 1 Higanteng Fiesta ng ARIEL

1 Higanteng Linis, 1 Higanteng Fiesta ng Ariel

Higante is a tagalog term derived from the Spanish word, gigante, pertaining to very tall individuals like giants, big events, huge objects. 

It was at the second day (November 23, 2014) of  the celebration of Higantes Festival in Angono, Rizal when Ariel's "1 Higanteng Linis, 1 Higanteng Fiesta" happened at the Art Capital of the Philippines which is the Angono, a first class urban municipality in the province of Rizal. Usually, the parade of the giants (higantes), marching bands, drum and lyre take place before the actual feast day which they call "Bisperas Mayores," in honor of Pope St. Clement 1 that also coincides with the feast of Christ The King. 

Welcome to the Art Capital of the Philippines... Angono, Rizal!

 The two Ariel Higantes (giants) during the Ariel "1 Higanteng Linis, 1 Higanteng Fiesta" (1 Giant Wash, 1 Giant Feast) event 

The very  festive event started with a lively dance number 

The wacky and very amusing Djs of MOR 101.9 : DJ Chacha and DJ Papi Charlie entertained the audience even under the glaring sun. You were a big help guys, good job!

Everything Giant. The theme for that day is #giant or big! Giant clay pot, giant glass basin and of course, Ariel has a lot of things in store for the people of Angono, such a big, big heart. You'll get to see what I mean, just continue reading my dear amazing readers. ;)

Meet our tallest blogger-friends Adrian Benipayo and Ruth dela Cruz. Such an awesome pair, right? :))

Feast. Since Angono is celebrating their "Higantes Festival," Ariel has created an absolute plan of preparing native and delicious food for 1,000 people (oh wow!) of Angono, Rizal. 

This was the very long line of tables prepared for 1,000 people. I got even more excited upon seeing this!

The giant clay pot containing the food! Oh yes, this is getting more fun, right, DJ Chacha and DJ Papi Charlie? So let the countdown begin...

Food stubs were readily given upon entrance, thanks guys for lining up and giving my lens a shot of your precious smiles!

Kudos to the people of Angono for being so disciplined and the organizers of the event for providing responsible marshals. :)

Food, food, food! What do we have here? 

I was so dead craving for these! We have here, Bistek Tagalog, Bopis and Humba! Can I have some? ;))

Simple beginnings end with simple joys that give pleasure to our hearts. Thanks Ariel!!!

Challenge. Every single day that God has created, we face a lot of challenges. That very momentous day, Ariel challenged their utmost capability in removing any kind of stain in just 1 wash! And this will all be possible because of its better tough stain removal in just 1 wash vs. leading powder brand on cotton fabric. 

Here's the deal: Stain inspectors will get to choose table cloths with so much stain on it and then challenge Ariel detergent powder if it could remove tough stains in just one wash. This is so much fun and exciting, right guys? 

I've roamed around the whole event area and I wanna show you what I found out! 



This kiddo, even poured some chocolate drink over the table cloth as if he's really challenging Ariel if it could remove all those different kinds of stains! Hmmm... we'll see :))

Uh-oh! Tsk, tsk! See these stains? This was so challenging huh! 

During the Ariel event, I was able to ask the so-called "lady washers" according to the two hosts DJ Chacha and DJ Papi Charlie. My question was: "Do you think Ariel could remove all the giant stains?" 

Check out this video: 

Everything's all set right mommies?

There goes the "lady washers" in their giant glass basin. Way to go!

How's it going ladies? So you believe that with just 1 wash, Ariel will be able to remove all those tough stains, right?! Cool!

Go, go, go mommies! Lez do this!

Meet my washing buddies! 

Can't help but to really accept the challenge and try how Ariel works wonders on these stained table cloths! 

This was supposed to be one of the toughest jobs for homemakers and multitasking moms like us but with Ariel as our most trusted washing buddy, it makes the job a lot easier! Believe me!!!

While the others were still busy washing the table cloths with Ariel, Rocksteddy provided ultimate entertainment!

We were really havin' fun! Thanks for bein' so cool, Teddy, you really rock!!!

Jam-packed! Oh yeah!

Of course I wouldn't let Teddy go without taking pic of him with me! Yay! :))

The table cloths were all washed using Ariel

Long arrays of washed and cleaned table cloths using Ariel detergent powder

After the parade of washed and cleaned table cloths that were used and terribly stained during the event, the blogger/stain inspectors Ria Lumandog and Ning Buning had come up with a tough decision. Their verdict was...

Ariel removed all the tough stains with only 1 wash!!! 

This is truly a "1 Higanteng Linis, 1 Higanteng Fiesta!" 

Congratulations also to all the raffle winners. Ariel provided all the prizes including the sacks of rice! 

Victorious day. From the very glimpse of the sun that early morning of Sunday, I felt that it was a very promising and victorious day, not only for the people of Angono, Rizal but also for all the Filipinos in and out of the country! Coincidentally,aside from the success of Ariel event, another victorious bout for our very own Manny Pacquiao for winning the unanimous decision against Chris Algieri thereby retaining his WBO welterweight title! Congrats Manny! 

Congrats Ariel! You nailed it! That was really a momentous and victorious day for all of us! You made history! 

Thank you Ariel and Saatchi for making me part of this amazing history. I was so privileged to be there, almost everything was a "first" for me. A giant thanks and hugs! 

With just one wash, you took away all the tough stains Ariel, so that makes you Number 1 on my list!

Visit Ariel Facebook page for more updates! 

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