Tart "Doris" Carlos in "Every JUAN needs a Woman" show at the Library, Malate

We all address her as "Doris" from our favorite family "feel-good habit," in primetime tanghali, the "Be Careful with my Heart" tv series. She plays one of the nannies; the one with her famous "bangs" having such a bubbly and wacky personality. 

Tart Carlos aka Doris

Me and my blogger-friends had a very causal chat inside the ABS-CBN compound just right after the
 I Heart You 2: The "Be Careful With My Heart" Anniversary Thanksgiving presscon held at Dolphy Theater. I find Tart so open, very candid, having  "no kyeme" attitude, vocal, upfront, witty, funny, tough woman and mother of four.

We can see Rosario"Tart" Carlos as a very effective comedienne but behind that character she has a dark past. They say "Behind every sweet smile is a bitter sadness that no one can ever see and feel." That famous line goes with Tart's past life. But guess, there's no use of dwelling in the past now, for she is a "battered wife" no more. She's now happy with her kids and current partner and at the same time, she's also busy with her bazaar. 

Her family is enough reason for her to be sane, happy, grounded and they keep her strong for her to be able to still make it in the industry where she had grown fond of for 12 years now and make a living out of it. At present, she's happy with her showbiz career and aside from that, being a well-known stand-up comedienne, she has gigs in various comedy bars and tv commercials.

Not so many people knew that Tart and Vivieka Ravanes aka Sabel who also plays a nanny in "Be Careful With My Heart," were very good friends and solid "kumares." Both were molded and honed in theater and stand-up comedy gigs. Tart had also shared their "friendship" story with us. There was even a time when they didn't get to talk to each other for four years. As for the record, "Be Careful With My Heart" has become their "kiss and make-up" and reunion project. Since then, their friendship was renewed and became even stronger than before. According to her, "Para kaming aso't pusa dati, kasi di mo naman nate-test ang friendship hangga't di kayo nag-aaway, aminin n'yo yan." 

This is Doris and Sabel (DorBel) Taken from @tartcarlos Instagram with a caption: "For what's worth, we will try our best to make you like and love our kind of entertainment, may it be on live or tv show... Thanks for appreciating our God given talent!"

On a serious note, Tart has compared showbiz from theater. She said, showbiz comes with a responsibility, it's like the public owns you while in theater. they had different training and discipline. Since they're now running two years in "Be Careful With My Heart," they feel that they now have a mission, that is to be good influencers to the public. Being one of the members of the cast, Tart feels she has found an instant family here, it's like if you're missing out on something from your family, their newly-found family in the set is always there to compensate for all the loses.

A lot of "chika" has happened between us and Tart. We almost forgot about the time. We really enjoyed everything we had that unforgettable day. 

Tart in her Japan-Japan mode

That's me with the coolest lady (Mentos) Tart Carlos during our chit-chat

I tell you if you want to be entertained and get to know Tart Carlos more, you shouldn't miss out her one-woman show entitled "Every JUAN needs a Woman." and she'll prove that to you. We can expect more of her comedy skills, with some musical numbers ala Maja Salvador! Her guests also includes Frontliners, FYEO (For Your Eyes Only) band, Wacky Macky, Francis Rivera (Pogay Grand Finalist) and Marlo Mortel aka Nicolo/ Mallows of "Be Careful With My Heart" happening on July 30, 2014, Wednesday at The Libray, Malate, Manila at 10PM. For reservation of tickets you may contact: 09258833011

Apparently, Tart's regular schedule in Library Malate is every Monday and Thursday. 

See you there!!!

Tart with us, the bloggers

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