I HEART You 2: The "Be Careful With My Heart" Anniversary Thanksgiving

How time really flies so fast... the country's number one "feel-good habit" and our favorite family-oriented Primetime tanghali TV series, "Be Careful With My Heart," is now celebrating its second year anniversary!!! 

I can still remember my very first blogpost of "Be Careful With My Heart" on July 9, 2012, wherein they had their very first airing on ABS-CBN channel 2... when Mutya Orquia was such a small kiddo and too shy to talk and answer questions thrown to her. A lot has changed actually. And those changes made the whole show become even stronger, possessing attributes that the other shows on television don't have. Others even compare it with the "John en Marsha" (1973-1990) tv comedy series by late lead actors, the "Comedy King," Dolphy (John) and Ms. Nida Blanca (Marsha). 

Jodi (Maya) and Richard (Ser Chief)

At the rate that the "Be Careful With My Heart" is going, it's so feasible that this show could still go a very long, long way. The "I Heart You 2" thanksgiving concert could even have sequels in the future, right, who knows? :))

So what makes "Be Careful With My Heart" standout and different from any other tv programs? I guess, the relationship of the cast that they had built up and which everyone had grown to that "family" kind of relationship seem to matter to them primarily. I can evidently see how they have grown fond of each other, taping three times a week and sometimes seeing each other almost everyday for post-production per se, has drawn them closer and like what the cast say, they've found not only a brand new family among themselves, but also they've discovered true and good friends.

 Mario Mortel (Nicolo/ Mallows), Janella Salvador (Nik-Nik) and Jerome Ponce (Luke)

Aiza Seguerra (Kute), Sylvia Sanchez (Nanay Teresita) and Lito Pimentel (Tatay Arturo)

Tart Carlos (Doris) and Joan (Yaya Lea)

Viveika Ravanes (Sabel) and Gloria Sevilla (Manang Fe)

Mutya Orquia (Abby) and JM Ibanez (Cho)

Having possessed that kind of relationship, we can all affirmatively see in their tv show that they're more relaxed to act and portray their respective roles naturally. I must commend the writers and the creative team behind "Be Careful With My Heart." Their daily episodes every weekdays compels the everyday life, happenings, struggles, triumphs and moral lesson every Filipino family can relate to. 

No wonder our fellow Pinoys abroad who are avid watchers and supporters of "Be Careful With My Heart" love the show so much, they regularly watch the show over The Filipino Channel (TFC). Just like us, the show has been part of our daily routine, like me, whenever I'm at home, cooking, I always turn on our tv set to watch it and more so, it's enough for me to just overheard their conversation whenever I'm in the kitchen hahaha. 

"Be Careful With My Heart" tv series and its cast has earned a lot of prestige, awards, recognition and success. And they feel that since it's their second anniversary on tv, they have to give back to the people who've been part of the show's consistent top ratings and achievements. 

Come July 25, 2014, Friday, everyone is invited to sing along, dance along and party with Maya (Jodi Sta. Maria), Ser Chief (Richard Yap) and the rest of the cast of "Be Careful With My Hear" as they celebrate their 2nd year anniversary via "I HEART YOU 2," a special thanksgiving concert to be held at the SMART Araneta Coliseum at 8PM. 

Expect more from the show's cast to give their best in entertaining everyone! More surprise numbers and an overflowing fun, laughter, enjoyment and happiness awaits you amazing peeps! Joining them in this thanksgiving concert will be Erik Santos, Juris, Morisette Amon and Richard Poon. Free tickets for the Kapamilya viewers will be given away, just go to the ABS-CBN Center Road on July 21 and 23. Ticket distribution will be from 10AM 'til 5PM. 

For more updates, log on to www.abs-cbn.com follow@becarefulheart on Twitter, and “like” the show’s official Facebook page at Facebook.com/becarefulwithmyheartofficial 

Check out BTS photos from their I HEART YOU 2 thanksgiving concert presscon here!

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