"Hawak-Kamay," ABS-CBN's newest family drama for the modern day Filipino families

ABS-CBN's newest family drama series cast: Piolo Pascual, Iza Calzado, Nikki Gil, Axel Torres, Andrea Brillantes, Yesha Camille, Zaijan Jaranilla and Xyriel Manabat during their special visit and gift-giving at Hospicio de San Jose

It is very seldom that we get to watch such family television drama series in a modern setting nowadays. A tv series that would cater to the interest of the entire family posing wholesome story, filled with good values and moral lessons not only for the kids but to the parents and other adults as well. 

It was indeed a great pleasure that I get to be invited and be part of the "Hawak-Kamay" cast in their special visit and gift-giving at the Hospicio de San Jose in Quiapo, Manila. Just like Piolo Pascual, the kids and the grannies have special place in my heart. I was so overwhelmed by the absolute time and effort of the whole cast, staff and ABS-CBN production. 

The awesome set-up of the Hospicio de San Jose function hall 

They had even prepared food booths and buffet for everyone! It was a very festive, party mode out there. Kids and kids alike enjoyed every bit of what was inside the hall and the entertainment brought by the magicians, dancers and celebrity guests. 

Mekeni and Picnic booths, they serve yummy hotdogs and tocino

For party favors, don't forget to put on your list, "Tasty Treats!"

"Sweetness Overload," and that's so true!

To keep us refreshed, unlimited Zagu was there and of course, love the Sweet Corn!

King Sue provided us with burgers (overload!) and Waffle Time was there too!

 Pizza Pedrico serves tasty and cheesy pizza

Of course there's Mister Donut! Love their new products: Donut Rocks and Brownie Brittle check them out!

Aside from all the yummy treats that was showcased in the "Hawak-Kamay" special event, I'd like to show you more of what happened during their visit...

Andrea "Annaliza" Brillantes gracefully opened up the stage with her dance number

Xyriel sang her heart out with one the kids from Hospicio, she was such a darling!

Kudos to Zaijan, he opted to dedicate and bring one of the "lolas" from Hospicio in front to entertain her. Carry on Zaijan! 

Of course, the whole program will not be ending without Piolo "Papa P." Pascual performing with the "Hawak-Kamay" kids. That was one of the highlights of the event, so can you imagine the reaction and reception of the people who were there?

Piolo Pascual with "Hawak-Kamay" kids sang "You Are the Sunshine of my Life" during their special visit at Hospicio de San Jose

Here's their video, hope you'd check it out!

It's gift-giving time!!!

After all the entertainment, the fun, the gift-giving, surprises, the enjoyment and having happy tummies overload, the end result of this event is the real and very sincere purpose of giving back to our fellow Pinoys who were somehow, less fortunate and were not that treated appropriately by their families and the society. 
Maybe you were thinking, why Hospicio? Why spending time there instead of promoting first in mall shows, tv and radio guestings, etc. This, amazing peeps, was one of the main reasons that we should all watch "Hawak-Kamay." Behind all the luxuries in life, elegant lifestyle, boastful living, "Hawak-Kamay" will show us what was it like to take good care and love those people who were somehow neglected by the society. 
What was in them? How are they coping up with their lives? What's everything behind all their innocent looks and smiles? Would Gin (Piolo) be responsible enough? What would exactly bring him and the kids together to be able for them to realize that they could be a "family." 
Dearies, this family drama series is a unique one, for this will touch every aspect of life. Hope you won't fail to watch its pilot episode on July 21, 2012, Monday after TV Patrol over ABS-CBN. 
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 "Hawak-Kamay" special visit
Press Release

What happens when you leave three adopted children in the hands of A depressed drunkard who dreams of becoming a famous musician?
This is the story that ABS-CBN’s newest family drama, “Hawak Kamay,” will begin to tell as it hits TV screens on Monday (July 21) to reach out to modern day Filipino families.

The kick-off of the series also marks acclaimed actor Piolo Pascual’s much-anticipated return to television drama following the success of his movie “Starting Over Again” earlier in the year. Piolo will be taking on “Hawak Kamay” along with three of the country’s most powerful child stars, Zaijan Jaranilla, Andrea Brillantes, and Xyriel Manabat. The series will also introduce Grand i-Shiner Yesha Camile, who was under the mentorship of Piolo during her stint in the Promil Pre-School i-Shine Talent Camp.

“Hawak Kamay” will also star Piolo’s “Starting Over Again” co-star Iza Calzado, who will be joined by singer-actress Nikki Gil and “Banana Split: Extra Scoop” and “Banana Nite” mainstay Ryan Bang. The show will also feature Victor Neri, who makes a comeback through “Hawak Kamay,” with “She’s Dating the Gangster” cast member Sofia Andres, and former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Axel Torres.

This cast will be behind the story of Gin (Piolo Pascual), a failed musician who becomes the guardian of the three orphans that his dearly departed sister adopted: Emong (Zaijan Jaranilla), Dara (Xyriel Manabat), and Ningning (Yesha Camile). Tough attorney Bianca (Iza Calzado) and her sister Lorrie (Andrea Brillantes) witness how the reluctant and unprepared Gin ends up as a potential father figure to these three kids. As they encounter different trials, Gin gains sight of the more important things in life, and little by little, they all realize what exactly makes a family.
The cast of “Hawak Kamay” will be making things exciting at Fairview Terraces, the day before the show launches. Join Piolo, Iza, Zaijan, Xyriel, Andrea, and Yesha as they put on a mall show for fans on Sunday (July 20) at 4:00pm.

Catch the story of “Hawak Kamay” as it begins to unfold on Monday (July 21) after “TV Patrol” on ABS-CBN. For updates, visit “Hawak Kamay’s” official website (hawakkamay.abs-cbn.com), like "Hawak Kamay" on Facebook (www.facebook.com/HawakKamayTV), and follow @HawakkamayTV on Twitter and Instagram.

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