Eat Me, Drink Me: How to Go Kraaazy in Garlikland

A quick and convenient getaway is what most of us fantasize about after a long day at work. Probably somewhere cozy with a great view and enough space so we can hang out with our friends and talk about something else besides our deadlines. The con with the city is that we can’t really find a place anymore that’s near, fun, and isn’t as crowded as the MRT. The pros though include the fact that Krazy Garlik has decided to give us a bigger version of Garlikland and letting us be Alice from now until forever.

With Krazy Garlik Greenbelt patio’s fantastic view overseeing the restaurant strip below, it is the best place to just relax and chill. With their newly launched Eat Me, Drink Me menu as inspired by the Alice in Garlikland theme, you might just actually find yourself down a rabbit hole finding out all the wonders the place has to offer. In true Krazy Garlik fashion, you may just find yourself drinking from a test tube or having your drink served in a syringe. The Kraaazier, the better, the more you’re sure it’s Krazy Garlik. To savor the experience, they will even insist you go to the patio and enjoy the new Eat Me, Drink Me bar menu exclusively at the patio.

The Eat Me, Drink Me bar menu is made exclusively to complement each other so there’s no fuss in making your order. Order anything you want and it’s guaranteed to keep you laughing and talking and all the way relaxed as promised. With drinks like Spiked Shake, Krazy Island, Summer Hummer, and Sangria Loco, you’re sure to have a good time. The best part about this is sharing it with your dear friends over a plate of Sizzling Sisig, Garlik Sriracha Shrimps, and Tuna Salpicao. Salivating there, my friend? Well then finish your paperwork, grab your friends, and head on over to Krazy Garlik Greenbelt and see what the fuss is all about. See you in Garlikland!

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