KathNiel's "kilig-talk" with KakaoTalk

KathNiel having a "kilig-talk" with KakaoTalk

Have you seen KakaoTalk's latest "kilig" commercial of the hottest teenage love team in Philippine showbiz today? Who else, but no other than Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla of the famous "KathNiel" tandem from "Got to Believe" tv series on Primetime Bida over ABS-CBN. 

There’s no stopping that hottest young love team of today!
Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo proved to be the most effective on-screen (or even offscreen?) partners right now, teaming up in blockbuster movies and high-rating TV series, acquiring massive fan bases across diverse audiences and reaping significant endorsements left and right. The love team, more charmingly known as “KathNiel” by their beaming fans, was recently spotted hanging around online, in what’s known to be the latest  free instant messenger to take the country by storm - KakaoTalk.

In ABS-CBN 2’s kilig-serye “Got to Believe,” Chichay and Joaquin, (Kathryn and Daniel’s characters, respectively) are seen exchanging emoticons to express their warmth for each other. At 29.7% national TV ratings (as reported by Kantar Media/TNS on February 12 and 13.), “Got to Believe” downright dominates its timeslot with the right mix of a good plot, an amazing play of cast and innovative audience offerings.  

Like KathNiel, KakaoTalk is all about being fun, fresh and exciting. It is perfect for those who are in love, whether young or old. If you want to be unlimitedly reachable to your special someone, KakaoTalk assures you reliable messaging without having to spend all your allowances. Moreover, KakaoTalk has a wide range of emoticons that will surely capture anything you want to say to your special someone.

Teenagers can take advantage of KakaoTalk’s features like free messaging and calls, voice messages, adorable emoticons and photo sharing. With these features teenagers can surely be updated with their friends whenever and wherever they go. KakaoTalk is everything you need.

 Like Chichay and Joaquin’s love for each other, it’s fun, it’s spirited, and more importantly, it’s free!

Aww! Look at what love can do to these two beautiful creatures, aren't they so cute together? KathNiel love team has definitely conquered everyone's heart. You've "Got to Believe" in the "magic" of KathNiel. 

Why don't you try to have a "kilig-talk" with your respective "Chichays" and "Joaquins?" Experience KakaoTalk, it's FREE!!! 

KakaoTalk is available in iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Bada and PC. For more information, visit KakaoTalk’s website at http://www.kakaotalk.com.ph/

About Kakao Corp.
Kakao Corporation is the provider of KakaoTalk, a mobile messaging application and global mobile social platform based in South Korea. Since the launch of its app in 2010, Kakao has solidified its position as a leader in the mobile industry, expanding its service beyond messaging to a social platform encompassing games, digital contents, marketing, commerce and more. KakaoTalk currently has more than 133 million registered users from 230 countries, and billions of messages are delivered every day in form of text, photos, video and voice. As a global, cross-platform application, it is available in 14 languages, on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Bada, Windows Phone and Nokia Asha. Kakao’s mission is to build a symbiotic mobile ecosystem at the global scale, offering a mobile social platform that provides win-win solutions for users and third-party partners alike. For more information, visit www.kakao.com/talk/ 

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