Juan Stop Inasal: The Food Venue for everyJuan

Juan Stop Inasal is the newest food venue for everyJuan (everyone)

Juan dela Cruz is the national personification of the Philippines, often used to represent the "Filipino everyman.” This definition was derived from Wikipedia. Thus, the name of the latest "food haven" in the long stretch of N. Domingo in Quezon City, "Juan Stop Inasal" was created to deliberately cater to every Filipino's taste and culture. 

"Inasal" is a term used to refer to barbecues of any kind by the Ilonggos' (from Ilo-ilo province) native tongue. They use special roasting recipe for chicken, pork, fish and other seafood as long as it's placed and roasted on a stick. 

One good characteristic of Filipinos which I find amazing is that, we love to patronize our own food, every delicacy of every local place/ region that we have here in our country is being adored if not well-loved by everyJuan, even the foreign tourists had grown likeness of our delicacies, and one of which is, Bacolod's most famous, "Inasal."

Ilonggo and young owner Mr. Stephen Po, together with his wife, Charlene and their other partners, Emil Po and Lourdes Po, had decided to expand their business which was only a take-out booth counter at the far left side of the present location. According to the beautiful couple, a lot of their customers have been suggesting and requesting for a sort of a "dining" area for them to be accommodated and also to cater other people who are so fond of their grilled products, most especially their "Chicken Inasal," one of their best-sellers.

Mr. Stephen Po, General Manager and one of the owners with his lovely wife, Charlene during the bloggers' night at Juan Stop Inasal. Thank you for having us!!!

The original take-out counter is still there, hope you could visit!

Having realized the overflowing clamor and demand of the public, and even studying the pros and cons of heeding their customers' requests,  they've decided to entertain the idea and started the expansion of the business area, which was used to be a garage only, since their office is situated just right at the second level of the establishment.

Come join me in my "Juan Stop Inasal" gastronomic journey! 

"Juan Stop Inasal" version of Batchoy

First, to prepare our taste buds and fuel up our appetites, we were served with Batchoy, another Ilonggo favorite dish. I enjoyed my sip of this soup since, my bowl of Batchoy was filled with crispy brown garlic (love it!). It's been a long time since I had my last taste of the authentic Batchoy, can't even remember it. :)) But this one, would definitely put a mark on my memory, the authenticity of the soup and noodles was present, so I suggest that you better order for this first thing on your table. Do I hear how much? :))

Here it is, amazing peeps! For a solo order of their Batchoy, it's priced as PhP65.00 and if you've let's say, ordered other meals from their menu, and you felt the urge of eating Batchoy, you just have to inform their very friendly staff that you're going to add Batchoy and it's only priced as PhP35.00 , cool right?

The most awaited and star of the night, Juan Stop's very own Chicken Inasal with garlic rice and atchara side dish

Finally, I can now get to try what Stephen and Charlene's been telling us about their very authentic Inasal recipe which Stephen has inherited from his grandma. In all honesty, I find it so tasty and I do agree with the owners, this is really an all-original Inasal recipe and I felt that it was all done and cooked with perfection. It was so juicy and tender at the same time, you'd notice that, everything's well-blended even the degree of roasting. 

Another selling point of eating their Chicken Inasal, is that, for only PhP105.00 you can avail of the full meal, just like what you see on my plate, plus an UNLI Rice and Ice Tea! Wow, isn't that too much?! Believe me, you gotta try this! This is sooooo "sulit!" 

Chopped Salt and Pepper Grilled Liempo

Juan Stop's Pork Barbecue

Chopped Hickory Grilled Liempo 

We were given another three more specialties of "Juan Stop Inasal." The two variants of grilled liempos (pork belly) namely the Salt & Pepper and Hickory and the pork barbecue, which were marinated very well to suit everyJuan's taste buds. Those are not too hard, just right for a bite size partnered of course with their garlic rice. 

Juan Stop's Sizzling Pork Sisig

Well, been so excited to share you this! Juan Stop Inasal's Sizzling Pork Sisig really knocked us out! What do I mean by that? We were so engaged in eating our Chicken Inasal until this one arrived on our table. By just judging from the aroma it emits, one can be tempted to lavish on this dish. I wanted to say, this dish was a scene stealer! Hahaha, no wonder, it's one of their best-sellers! Can you imagine, for only PhP130.00, you can enjoy, linger and share this and even order for another plate if you feel "bitin" hihihi just like we all did! :))

Look! The aftermath of my sizzling pork sizzling story :)) In case, I go back, this wouldn't miss my checklist, that's for sure, hope yours too! This is really a #MustTry 

KBL stands for Kadyos, Baboy, Langka

Another Ilonggo dish, the KBL is primarily composed of  Kadyos (Pigeon Pea), Baboy (Pork) and Langka (Jackfruit). I wasn't able to appreciate much of this soup because this was served to us when I was truly full, aside from the fact that, it was my first time to have a taste of it as well, although from time to time, I sip on this soup and ate some langka and kadyos. I missed out on the Baboy simply because the pork sisig was so empowering :) Maybe next time, instead of having the Batchoy again, have to try this one first.

Wanna check out Juan Stop Inasal's Menu and its affordable prices? 

After a fiesta-like eating adventure, we just noticed something's missing on their menu list, they don't have desserts yet, but this summer, specifically on April they will come out with it, they assure everyone. 

The spacious and very native-looking ambiance is what you'll see at "Juan Stop Inasal." Special thanks to Ian Atienza for the invite and this photo. 

Thank you too Kuyas for roasting our food to perfection! We know, it wasn't that simple performing your duties. Kudos to you guys! Smile,  you're on candid camera hihihi :))

The "Juan Stop Inasal" bloggers who raided the place that night (hahaha) together with the owners and Ian Atienza 

with my gurlfriends/ co-bloggers who were equally happy that night, Angelyn Demo (mommysmaglife.blogspot.com), Bedalyn Aguas (mamiandfamily.blogspot.com) and Gracee Bongolan (itsmegracee.blogspot.com)

My Verdict:
Thumbs-up for "Juan Stop Inasal!" truly, the Food Venue for everyJuan. 
"Talagang mapapa-stop ka sa sarap!"

Map to guide you on your way here...

Juan Stop Inasal's Facebook page
#112 N. Domingo St. Brgy. Horshoe, Quezon City
(02) 570-5653
Store Hours: 11AM - 9PM 

Facebook page: AmazingJingForLife 
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 Ciao! 'Til our next!  

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