Patti Austin holds a New Year's eve concert at Fairmont Makati

After her much celebrated and successful "Brand New Day" concert held last Sunday, December 29, 2013 at the Solaire Grand Ballroom with special guests Ms. Lea Salonga, Martin Nievera and Richard Merk, Patti will once again capture our hearts in her New Year's eve concert at Fairmont Raffles Ballroom in Makati City at exactly 8PM together with Richard Merk and Sticky Band. 

These amazing photos were taken during the "Brand New Day" concert at Solaire Grand Ballroom last December 29, 2013 by my good friend Aileen Siwa of Thanks much Ai! ;))

The said fundraising concert, "One Heart One Voice," is conceptualized together with the Habitat for Humanity to rebuild homes for the victims of typhoon Yolanda most especially in Tacloban. Part of the proceeds will be donated to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan for relief efforts. Patti Austin will personally lead a continuing effort to design and build houses in Tacloban through Habitat For Humanity.

According to the international singing icon, Ms. Patti, "You've already shown to the rest of the world how resilient you should be in tragedy; that's already established. I think the people have to understand that they are the government, and so you have to take your own initiative to rebuild and that's gonna happen because I have known you here in the Philippines by isn't just insanely strong and brave and on top of all that."

Ms. Patti has shared to us that her interior designer friend, who happens to be a Filipino named Pearl, did her apartment sometime ago, and has taught her and helped her a lot in terms of interior designing. This has even inspired her to do some stuffs and partnered with the Habitat for Humanity. She believes that the next important thing for the typhoon Yolanda victims to think of and acquire is to have a shelter, a habitat that they can call home. Ms. Patti's vision is a long term plan that will benefit not only the survivors of typhoon Yolanda but also, the makers of the prototype furnitures from Cebu, which will be installed in every home in Tacloban. And another great part of the dream is, these furnitures will also be sold here and out of the country wherein some of the proceeds would still go to the Habitat for Humanity. Isn't it such a great endeavor? Kudos to you Ms. Patti, this is your legacy. 

Patti Austin promises to perform more of her hits, songs that the Filipinos fell in love with. I totally agree with her when she admitted that, Justin Timberlake is her favorite young entertainer because of being so versatile. He excels in everything he do-- singing, dancing, playing the piano, acting and hosting. Ms. Patti also likes Katy Perry as a singer as much as she likes Katy's self-composed songs. She said, "I envy Katy Perry because she's freaking gorgeous and she writes great pop songs, to me she is the Pop Queen right now. She's got a hand on this generation of music and she writes the best pop songs out there. I think they're great and inspiring and I think she's already proved her worth." 

Another thing we've learned from her during the interview: "You just keep trying until the things that you wanna do, work out and happen; don't be disappointed when they don't just keep them in the way you want." Thanks for the very inspiring and encouraging words of wisdom Ms. Patti Austin. It was such an honor to have you in front of us and talk to us in your sincerest way. We are so looking forward to watching you later at Fairmont Makati. 

If you wish to be captivated by Ms. Patti Austin's wonderful classic hits and at the same help our fellow countrymen who had greatly suffered by the wrath of typhoon Yolanda, please do come and watch "One Heart One Voice" today and let's all celebrate and welcome a brand new day ahead! 

Tickets are available at Fairmont Raffles Hotel and thru TicketWorld at 891-9999 or visit

January 2, 2014
Happy 2014 Amazing peeps! 

Just want to share with you dear readers some pics from Ms. Patti Austin's successful #OneHeartOneVoice concert held last New Year's eve at Fairmont Hotel in Makati City. 

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Thank you for always keeping it up with me. Hope your 2104 would be as blessed, happy, peaceful and successful like I had wish mine too! Stay safe everyone!

See you around!!! God bless!

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