"TUHOG" Movie Speaks About Real-life Drama and Realizations

"Tuhog" movie cast and director during the grand presscon held at Dolphy theater from left to right: Empress Schuck, Enchong Dee, Eugene Domingo, direk Roni Velasco, Jake Cuenca and Leo Martinez

Mishaps often occur... fate's impeccably unpredictable... life's sometimes unfair... love can inspire, rule, hurt and destroy. So what else is there to life? Yes, we only live once. We are here to love, to build our dreams and to have a meaningful life that's worth living, remembering and sharing. 

But what happens if we weren't able to achieve everything that we'd hoped and planned for? What if fate's been unkind and your life's suddenly screwed. What if you're not ready yet? What if you still have a lot to live and that you're just starting to enjoy life's perks and glories? What if you're hopeful about someone or something but doesn't have enough time to accomplish those? 

In life, there's time and chance. But what if your time is up and that you're not given another chance? Does this justify the saying, "Life isn't forever, so live life to the fullest?" I guess so... but living life to the fullest doesn't really mean having fun all the time huh! Life is so short, so, in our utmost effort, we ought to make this world a better place. (thanks Michael Jackson +) For us to do that, a good start must come from ourselves first. 

Why am I saying these things? For you to have a better grasp, here's a brief background and synopsis of Skylight and Star Cinema's newest movie offering entitled, "Tuhog." this movie speaks about real-life drama and realizations as it touches everyone like relating to every character and situation in the movie. Cinemalaya award-winning director Veronica Velasco, the whole cast and crew made all of these, possible. Being in a "maindie" (mainstream and independent) movie and shooting a film as crucial as "Tuhog," (imagine shooting a bus accident in Commonwealth?! OMG!)  has made the entirety of the team proud, happy. blessed and thankful (because they survived!). Kudos to everyone who had been part of the movie. 

Jake Cuenca playd "Nato" in the movie

Empress Schuck plays "Angel" in the movie

Two years in the making, "Tuhog" (impale, skewer, pierce, run through) was written by Ms. Jinky Laurel, Ms. Carmi Raymundo of  "It Takes a Man and a Woman" and direk Roni herself. Filipinos are also fond of watching foreign drama and domestic-related films with depth, so I guess it's high time that Pinoys should watch our own movie of that kind -- fresh, edgier and unpredictable. The type of film that will definitely be appreciated by more mature and edgier audience. As one of the lead stars in the movie and Asian Awards Favorite Actress, Ms. Eugene Domingo said, "This movie is about the material. Lahat kaming mga artista ay gumalaw ayon sa materyal, ayon sa direksyon at vision ng aming direktor." 

Ms. Eugene "Uge" Domingo during the grand presscon

Direk Veronica "Roni" Velasco

According to direk Roni, the movie is "Drama s'ya na maraming comedy. So kung manonood kayo, mararamdaman ninyo... kasi makaka-relate kayo dun sa each character. Pero may mga moments na nakakatawa pero mas pinapanood ninyo 'yung ordeal nila sa buhay." It is a story of three uniquely- struggling characters: 

Eugene Domingo plays "Fiesta," a cranky bus barker; a lonely spinster who drives men away because she was so fed up of her life taking care of her own father, "Carding" played by Noel Trinidad, she's like a 'living dead,' no feelings, no life. But not until she met "Nato," played by Jake Cuenca, the man who'd won her heart and brought her back to life.

Enchong Dee plays "Caloy," the young man who preserves his virginity for his girlfriend, "Angel" played by Empress Schuck. Being in a long distance relationship has made it difficult for him to fulfill his promise to his girlfriend. Hedged by lots of temptations, driven by insecurities and lack of trust, Caloy was caught in a situation that he'll soon regret. 

Leo Martinez plays "Tonio," the baffled, retired old man past his prime, who only wanted to fulfill his dream of becoming a baker and hopes to get support from his family who were skeptical about his plan. After all his struggles, he finally got the support from his family and friends. Now, it's all up to him whether he'd still continue to make it work or remain disgrunted and doubtful.

Three characters, three lives. Can you relate to any of them? Can you imagine that they'd be connected to each other and be impaled literally and figuratively in one vehicular accident? Watch how these talented actors portray such challenging and very engaging roles as they give life to the characters of Fiesta, Caloy, Tonyo and Nato. Each of them has his/her own ordeals in life to face. If you were given the opportunity to choose between these characters being skewered (tuhog), in this freak bus accident, who would you pick to live? 

Who do you think deserves to live and be given a second chance and why? Is it the middle-aged woman who's just learning to feel love and life, or the man in his prime who's holding on to his disregarded dreams, or the young man who's just starting to thread his life and wants live more? You'll fell in love with these three characters, you won't find it easy to choose. I'll just leave some hanging questions for you my dear readers... something to ponder... something to realize:  
What if you were in the same situation as Fiesta, Tonio and Caloy, what would the first things that will enter your thoughts? If you were to asked, what have you done or haven't done in your life that you think you deserve a second chance? And what if you're given another chance to live, what would you do with your life? 

"Tuhog" is not just an ordinary movie, it'll take us to a different kind of ride. A ride of a lifetime. When you go out of the theater, this movie will help you realize things in your life that had been neglected. Lessons in life? Yes. But the thing is, will you accept the truth that's slapping your face the whole time? This is not just a typical real-life drama movie... the story inspires and encourages us to have a "self-check" that we very seldom do. This is another movie to watch peeps! 

"Tuhog" is also part of the continuing celebration of Star Cinema's 20th Anniversary, supported by other brilliant actors in the movie like Nikki Valdez, Manuel Chua, Beauty Gonzalez, Kikat, Rodjun Cruz, Joe Vargas and Maliksi Morales. It's showing in theaters nationwide today, July 17, 2013. 

Hope to see you there!

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