The First Gala Awards by Gala Magazine

I feel so excited for the very 1st Gala Awards! 

Gala, the country's premier events magazine will be holding its very first Gala Awards, today, July 06, 2013 at 1Esplanade and this is also to celebrate its grand launch. 

Gala is a Tagalog word pronounced as ga-la, which means wanderer, thus, Gala Awards aims to acknowledge the efforts and hard work of the people involved in the event-organizing industry. With this special event, those well-deserved individuals will then be the "center of the occasion," as they will receive due recognition. 

Sultry Denise Laurel as the "Super Mom" May, 2013 issue of Gala Magazine 

Outstanding awardees and teams from last year's top events have been chosen based on their consistency, production, quality, audience reception and effectiveness in promotions. Such categories like, Culture, Business, Health and Fitness and Special Interest will come in random variety. 

Ms. Verniece Zamora

Gala Magazine's Executive Editor, Verniece Zamora says, "We often see all kinds of events being put up one after the other but we seldom stop and really think about the hard labor that comes with it to make it all possible and successful for their audience. We recognize that, and it's about time that they'd be recognized as well. Hopefully, we can do this annually for them." 

We could also expect exclusive appearances and performances by our local showbiz personalities to add glitter and render entertainment for the night. Simultaneously, a mini-exhibit was also set outside the main venue showcasing Gala's growth and evolution from its first issue down to its anniversary offering. 

Gala is the first magazine title under Northpoint Publishing Inc., that caters to the adventurous spirit of young Filipinos. 

Gala Magazine's 

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