Pinoy T.A.L.K. features "Buffet Asia Restobar" in Asian Food Trip by Chef Mich

Pinoy T.A.L.K. (Travel, Adventure, Leisure and Knowledge), a reality travelogue program that features various tourist destination with other elements to make it more visually colorful and exciting such as customs, traditions, business, food and traits, brings you a very interesting and mouth-watering segment entitled "Asian Food Trip by Mich." 

Pinoys love to eat, and we all love to gamble on food, explore different tastes, cuisines, menus and everything. Actually, even some of us, make "eating" a habit that's very hard to break (hehe). Well, here's another habit that we should watch out for-  Pinoy T.A.L.K. has been featuring Buffet Asia Restobar in one of their segments, "Asian Food Trip by Mich," for several episodes now. The restobar is just located at 77 G/F of Westria Residences in West Ave., Quezon City. 

The very first time I saw this place while passing by, really caused my head to turn more than twice. Why? It was because of  their full banner that says...

I couldn't believe my eyes! That was my first time to see a "buffet" wherein we can take our "leftovers" out, huh! You better believe it! For you to have an idea, here are the specifications: 

If you haven't tried this place, go visit! 

They also have live acoustic entertainment nightly. The restobar is open from 9AM until 2AM daily.

The pretty Chef Mich Gonzaga- Ibay, Buffet Asia owner and executive chef, shares her cooking ideas and fusion (Filipino, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and Thai) dishes to the viewers of Pinoy T.A.L.K. which airs on Studio 23, every Saturday, 8:30- 9:00 AM. This exciting show makes our Saturday mornings very refreshing and gives us a very good reason to start the day feeling lively, happy, inspired and hype all day long despite our busy schedules. 

I was able to catch one of their shootings held just right there at the Buffet Asia Restobar in West Ave.

Chef Mich had prepared... 
Kiampong, a Filipino-Chinese fried rice cooked in pork stew 

Special Sweet and Sour - this one's so tasty :))

If you're really fond of hot, spicy dish, you better try Chef Mich's original recipe of X.O. Spicy Squid Sambal. This is also good for "pulutan." 

Some of you might be asking if those three featured dishes will be available in their regular menu... well, the answer is YES! So don't falter my dear readers, you can check out more of Chef Mich's special delish recipes when you get there! ;)) 

Pinoy T.A.L.K. host, Angel enjoying the "food tasting" portion with Chef Mich during the shoot

Good job Chef Mich! Looking forward in watching (and tasting hehe) more of your helpful cooking tips and trivias

Promo! Promo! Check this out!

Their buffet set-up

Here are some of the dishes included in their buffet table... from Baked Garlic Cheese Mussels (their original dish); Japanese Dynamite; another Japanese dish, Chicken Teriyaki; Korean Kimchi Rice; Thai Pan Fried Spring Roll; Vietnamese Yellow Chicken Curry; Filipino dish, Kare-kare and another Pinoy favorite Chicken-Pork Adobo 

Have you had enough already? I don't think so... for you to experience Buffet Asia, you should try it with your family, friends and colleagues. For only PhP 329/ head, it really fits your budget...  heavy on your tummy but not on your pocket. 

For other inquiries and updates, please visit their Facebook page or call (02) 267-1240
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Do make it a habit to watch Pinoy T.A.L.K. every Saturday mornings! 
Kita- kits mga ka-PTALK! 

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