KathNiel's "Must Be... Love," a Blockbuster Movie to Date

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla during "Must Be Love" blogcon

Philippines' most celebrated and ultimate teen-age love team, "KathNiel," had finally met their stardom via their first full-length solo movie together, "Must Be... Love," under Star Cinema productions. Fans and supporters of this popular love tandem must be so thrilled and excited to watch their celebrity icons on silver screen on March 13, 2013, Wednesday. 

I first met Daniel Padilla, February of last year, during his exclusive photo shoot for BUM Equipment, along with his co-celebrity endorsers, Empress Schultz, Dino Guevarra and Bea Binene. He was just a simple boy-next-door type that time. Then our next meet and one on one interview with him happened again last July, 2012. 

I called Daniel to smile on my cam, he was busy texting and I wondered who could that be.... hmmm... :))

This was taken last year during his photo shoot for BUM 

Since then, he had even gone a long, long way! Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla is now the country's no. 1 teenage love team to boot! During the "Must Be... Love," blog conference, if only you could see what my eyes could see, you would really "feel" their "sweetness, and the "care" that they share together, especially every time their twinkling eyes meet. :))

OMG! This MUST BE... LOVE!!! :))

Direk Dado Lumibao and Kathryn shared their funny and different experience while filming "Must Be... Love" in Cebu. They've all opted not to share and be discreet about any infos on their locations but to their surprise, every time they go on location, huge crowd of fans, supporters and followers flocked to the site and that gave them a hard time to shoot, would you imagine that?! Well, that only proves the "magic" of our favorite "KathNiel" love team. 

Sweet KathNiel during the blogcon

Kathryn looking towards Daniel's direction with Direk Dado Lumibao seated beside her

Direk Dado also told us that, a lot of people were asking him, about the magic of "KathNiel" love team, he just simply say, there's no magic in them, they're just being themselves, they're real people and that fans could relate to them. 

On the other hand, Kathryn talked about their love team, "Siguro nakikita n'yo na very opposite po kami ni DJ, na may ganun pala talaga na hindi sila nagka-clash, nagki-click din pala pag very opposite. Di'ba si DJ very rockstar, rugged tapos ako makikita mo nandito lang, siguro curious sila 'pag pinagsama kami, 'yung ineterest siguro nila."

One of the pretty faces I've seen in the entertainment industry

Meanwhile, coming from his "Minute to Win It," taping, when Daniel entered the Star Cinema conference room he immediately greeted all the bloggers present and vice-versa, after that, all you can just hear was the clicking sound of the cameras and cellphones. Nobody could utter a single word for about few seconds. It seemed like an angel had went down and cast a spell on us, hahaha. It was so awkward that time but Daniel managed to break the ice by saying, "Game!" 

Daniel "DJ" Padilla when he entered the Star Cinema conference room

"KathNiel" readily posed for us, such an awesome tandem!

From the story, Kathryn plays "Patchot", a boyish type of girl who plays, teases, and goes along with her school bestfriend, "Ivan" played by Daniel Padilla. Conflicts come when Patchot had suddenly fell for  Ivan, who only treats her as "ka-tropa." The situation even worsen when Ivan met Patchot's cousin, "Angel," played by Liza Soberano (she played Jake Cuenca's younger sister in "Kung Ako'y Iiwan Mo). Ivan, upon seeing Angel, experienced what they call a "slow mo (slow motion)" moment with her. For Ivan, that moment really struck him leaving Patchot disregarded and helpless. Will Patchot be able to handle the whole situation? Would she give up her first love? How would she fight for her rightful feelings? 

The movie depicts about the teenage life and how they go about the struggles they encounter especially with regards to their feelings or heart matters. The challenging journey of the youth today was swiftly expressed in the movie, thank you Ms. Melai Mongue, Ms. Vanessa Valdez and Ms. Melissa Chua for always providing a very good material for us to always watch over and look forward to every time 
Star Cinema has romantic/ love story or rom/com movie offering. 

Kathryn, Direk Dado and Ms. Melai Mongue during the blogcon

"Must Be... Love" movie is also supported by other stars like John Estrada as "King" who plays Kathryn's dad, John Lapus as "Tita Baby," and other casts include Ramon Christopher Gutierrez, Arlene Muhlach, Cacai Bautista, K Brosas, Janus Del Prado as Gordo, Paul Salas, Sharlene San Pedro, Kit Thompson, Miguel Morales and Cris Gabriel Queg. 

They'll be having a premiere tonight, at SM Megamall Cinema 7. The soundtrack "Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat" is provided by Sam Milby, you can watch the video here!

For more "kilig" moments and BTS pics during the movie's blogcon, please like my Facebook page and click here!

Must Be... Love, a Blockbuster Movie to Date! 
Graded B by the Cinema Evaluation Board
Showing tomorrow, March 13, 2013 in theaters nationwide! 

See you there!!! 

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  1. Kathniel tandem are really amazing. They're lovely couple and I really admire both of them. Keep up the good work KATHNIEL and be a model to the youth of today. Don't forget that you are the IDOL of so many people specially teens...so be a role model to them. Take care of yourselves and your career so you will stay on top. CONGRATS!!!

    1. I absolutely agree with you! Thanks for posting! :))


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