What comes into your mind when you here the term "Armscor?" If you're thinking of ammunition and firearm products, you're on the right track ;-). When I was just a kid, my father used to own guns, they were all licensed by the way hehe, since I grew up seeing those guns and even sometimes handling it with my dad's presence and without bullets at all huh.
Being a woman has not been a reason for me not to feel fascinated by its outrageous looks and I can imagine how strong I could be plus the fact that I'm gonna have the chance of protecting my self as well as my family if ever I get to own one, given the right time. 

I must admit that every time I go to amusement centers, (even up to this day) I really engage myself into the "target shooting" arena wherein we get to win stuffs from having them pinned down by means of shooting. I don't know, I guess I still have that childish and boyish character within me. When my dad was still alive, I've told him that I wanted to also try and enroll myself into target shooting, and I guess he was not taking me too seriously, he just put his hand on top of my head and shook it as if saying like this: "hahaha you're too young and still don't know what you're talking, just play with your toys," did I get it right? ;-) 

How time really flies... right? Just like this year, the largest arms and ammunition manufacturer in Southeast Asia and maker of quality firearms and ammunition, with an ISO 9001 certified, ARMSCOR company is celebrating its 70 years! 

I was very fortunate to have been invited in one of the prestigious and respected events here in our country. The most-celebrated anniversary of ARMSCOR (Arms Corporation of the Philippines), was held just recently at the Manila Polo Club in Forbes Park, Makati City. I've experienced a lot of firsts in this event. My first time to attend an event at the Manila Polo Club, my first time to join an event wherein majority of the guests were males and my first time to see Atty. Mike Arroyo and Senator Bongbong Marcos in person. If you think I've had enough of those "firsts," well, here's a major one... when I got the invitation from the very lovely, Ms. Joyette of DDB PR, I jokingly told my co-blogger/friend Jenny that maybe, Armscor will be raffling off a gun. During the event, they did not only raffled off a gun, but would you believe, seven, as in seven licensed guns were given away for free! Whoa!!! But I didn't get to own one, for your curiosity's sake, hihihi i know in time.... i will. ;-)

Armscor Triple Celebration at the Manila Polo Club

The event was hosted by the lovely Nancy Castiglione with Mr. Bolo Tuason's grandson Marco Tuason

Here's a brief insight of Armscor's continuous success: 

Arms Corporation of the Philippines (Armscor) and its parent, Squires Bingham Co., Inc., commemorate three significant anniversaries this year, each having substantial round numbers—50, 60, and 70.
70 years signifies how long the company has been Filipino-owned, specifically by the Tuason family.  In 1941, Don Celso Tuason bought Squires Bingham Company from American Arthur Hileman.
60 years indicates the length of time they have been in manufacturing.  In 1952, President Ramon Magsaysay gave the company its first license to manufacture firearms and ammunition, giving rise to Squires Bingham Manufacturing Company, also known as Squibman.
Finally, 50 years represents the duration of Demetrio “Bolo” R. Tuason’s leadership of the company. 

Demetrio "Bolo" R. Tuason, Chairman & President of Armscor

Early in his career, his father, Don Celso Tuason turned over the reign of the company, and groomed him to be Chairman and President.  This eventually led to the official birth of Armscor, the manufacturing company for firearms and ammunition.

In addition to this historic triple celebration, 2012 paves the way for the official turnover of Bolo Tuason’s leadership to his only son Martin O. Tuason on January 1, 2013.  On top of becoming President and CEO of Armscor, Martin will maintain the position of CEO of Armscor Precision International (API), which represents Armscor in the USA.  Meanwhile, Severo “Conkoy” J. Tuason, Bolo’s brother, will sit as Chairman of the Board, while his son, Scott “Gutsy” D. Tuason, will assume the Presidency of parent company Squires Bingham Co., Inc.

Martin O. Tuason, current President & Chief Executive Officer of Armscor Precision International (API) and the heir to Bolo's throne 

during his speech at Armscor 70th anniversary

Severino "Conkoy" J. Tuason, Vice Chairman & Treasurer of Armscor, brother of Bolo 

Scott "Gutsy" D. Tuason (far left) with Martin, Conkoy and Bolo (special thanks to my friend Aylin of thedailyposh for this picture)  

(L to R): Martin O. Tuason,  Severo "Conkoy" J. Tuason,  Demetrio "Bolo" R. Tuason himself during the official turnover 

This turnover denotes a significant opening of a new chapter in Armscor history.  Bolo Tuason testifies to this.  “The last 50 years has been quite a ride. I had my share of modest accomplishments and achievements...  I would like to believe that I have left a legacy of significant contributions to the firearm and ammunition industry through our efforts in promoting peace and security.  For my children and grandchildren, as well as my siblings and dedicated employees, I have built a business that is diverse and solid.”
Upon his retirement, he plans to travel, play golf, and spend more time with his wife and grandchildren.  Affirming his unwavering devotion to Armscor, he adds, “Of course, the company can always count on my support. After all, I still am a stockholder.”

Today, Armscor distributes firearms and ammunitions to more than 60 countries worldwide, and is ISO 9001 certified.  It is involved in partnerships with renowned global names in the industry.  Armscor Shooting Center, Inc., which distributes Armscor products in the Philippines, imports product lines from highly regarded names such as Tanfoglio S.N.C. of Italy, STI International of USA, Caracal of United Arab Emirates, and Sarsilmaz of Turkey, to name a few.  At present, Armscor is considered South East Asia’s largest private manufacturer of firearms and ammunition.
50, 60, and 70 years are certainly ample time spans for garnering a wealth of experiences, making Armscor what it is today.

Here's a brief slideshow of Armscor Catalogue and Product shots. For more details and other info just visit Armscor website

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Armscor has infinite reasons to celebrate, with this kind of remarkable triumph and achievement, it is definitely worth commemorating!

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