People are always talking about “status,” whenever, wherever, everywhere and anywhere. Turning the focus on social media networks, it’s always the posted or shared “status” of a particular person that is most of the time, discussed, argued, well-commented and generates reactions from various groups.
But getting more hooked by it, how would you state your present relationship status? And that question was brought up and was directly answered by the cast of Star Cinema’s Valentine offering, “Unofficially Yours,” starring John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin, showing today, February 15.

Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina hoped to be “In a relationship,” mode but still has no “Valentino” for her, while John Lloyd claimed that he is “In a relationship” as everyone expected and it’s “official,” with no other than, Shaina Magdayao; meanwhile, the microphone had finally reached Angel’s end, and she was all blushing and dumbfounded at first, while JL (John Lloyd) who was seated beside the gorgeous actress, teasing her. At last, Angel had managed to answer and she uttered it’s “unofficial.” A follow-up question was again, poked to the rumored girlfriend of Azkal football team star player, Phil Younghusband - if she’s happy being in an “unofficial” relationship.

 Direk Cathy talking about her "status" while being watched by John Lloyd and Angel during "Unofficially Yours" presscon

John Lloyd on his status: "In a Relationship"

Angel Locsin on her status: "It's Unofficial"

Angel with Phil (photo credit: jejermons.info)

The star of “Unofficially Yours” who plays Princess “Ces” Bricenio in the story, a lifestyle senior reporter, grinned and replied, “yes.” She thinks that it’s not the “status” that really matters, according to her, what is important is the love and respect that they have for each other. I guess basing from Angel’s gestures and aura, she is indeed happy; it really reflects I suppose.

On the other hand, John Lloyd who plays Mackie Galvez, a practicing dentist and an upcoming blogger who gets an offer to write for a major broadsheet in the story, couldn’t agree more with what her leading lady has stated, he said, as long as they’re both happy and secured with their (Angel and Phil) feelings, that alone can surpass almost everything. 

Ever since I’ve heard about direk Cathy Garcia-Molina and seen her projects, I’ve been an avid fan of her; I am so fascinated by her works and her personality per se. This is the first time for her and Angel to work together, whereas this film is JL and Angel’s first big screen project after their “Imortal” teleserye.

I’ve learned that Angel was so surprisingly daring in this movie, with the movie’s theme, we could expect “hot” love scenes from the two leading stars. 

 And when JL was asked, what can he say about Angel’s body, Angel was so hideous in saying, “Patay tayo diyan” hehehe :-)

  The mood was so light and joyous that afternoon and John Lloyd’s comment was “Ang masasabi ko sa katawan ni Angel, sobrang sexy!”

Then when Angel’s turn to rate JL’s body, the latter demanded that he should be rated from 1-10, with 10 being the highest, Angel jokingly answered, “Okay, I’ll give you 10, 10 out of 100 hahaha.” But Angel was so quick in following up by saying she gives JL a perfect 10 - that scenario really brought the house down, actually.

Angel to John Lloyd: "I'll give you 10, 10 out of 100!" :-))

Looks like JL was feeling "kilig much" inside hehe

Direk Cathy discloses, “It’s still a love story! Iba man ang paraan ng pagkukuwento namin dito, at the end of the day, it still talks about love, it talks about how beautiful love is! How better it is to love than not having love at all!” Awww, I love you direk, I can see myself in you. ;)

I know for myself that, there’s really something to find out and expect for from this movie, I’d like to prove that after watching this movie, anybody who’s into the “unofficial” status, would finally decide and declare that their relationship will be finally confirmed as “official!” Why not? It’s an amazing world, after all. 


Huwag nang pahuli magkita-kita na tayo sa mga sinehan!!! 

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