Sarah G. is definitely trending worldwide until this time of my writing, it's tagged as "Sarah G. Day." She started her very remarkable day yesterday with fantabulous performances in ASAP 2012, she then guested in another ABS-CBN's popular weekly talk show, "The Buzz" and ended up as one of the special guests among others, that includes Kim Chiu, Izza Calsado, Jovit Baldovino, Bugoy Drilon and Marcelino Pomoy at the trending capital every Sunday night, "Gandang Gabi Vice," which was also trending last night as #GGVFinale. One very surprising announcement about the show last night was, Vice Ganda's show will still continue to air every Sunday nights. ;-) Sarah's guesting at the said show, has undeniably proven all the rumors untrue between her and Vice Ganda.

Photo courtesy of Mr. Gerrome Esguerra, thank you so much! 

This young pop royalty Sarah Geronimo is really going “places.” We often see her perform energetically as if “wala nang bukas,” as how Direk Erick Salud describe her, during ASAP 2012 every Sunday on ABS-CBN. Every time she’s there, we can really feel her presence because she owns the stage in every musical number she performs.
Honestly speaking, every time I see her perform, I don’t see a Sarah G. on the screen, she’s so different, she performs just like every musical icon she imitates, of course not to mention that the pop star princess has her own style and moves huh! 

Her upcoming show on Channel 2 titled “Sarah G. Live,” I guess is very much timely simply because, it’s high-time for her to unleash a different aspect of her personality, in other words, her “other” side. We can witness a braver, stronger, bolder and fiercer Sarah every Sunday night through her incomparable world-class concert performances that will prove that she is the biggest superstar of her generation.

During the press con of her newest solo musical variety show, Sarah claimed that, she’d be willing to be more “daring” in terms of sexy outfits, being more open about her personal life and wants to be adventurous like trying different genres.

Aside from showcasing her singing prowess, Sarah will also share in the show real life experiences and never-before seen “Sarah G. moments.” From being the 15-year old singing champion of “Star for a Night,” Sarah truly had come a long way with all her achievements as a recording artist, concert performer, actress, host, and even product endorser.

This photo captured Sarah's pretty face, love this! ;-)

Now, the princess redefines the popstar with a weekly concert on TV that everyone will surely be talking about, more so, everyone will be trending about her every Sunday night. She’ll be joined in by-co-host Luis Manzano, musical director Louie Ocampo, choreographer Georcelle Dapat-Sy who is believed be the heiress of dance masters Geleen Eugenio and Maribeth Bichara and director Erick Salud. Now, Sarah welcomes her newest musical solo variety show and subsequently bids goodbye to her ASAP family, followers and aficionados.

“Sarah G. Live” also features G Force and one of Gary Valenciano’s prides, his son, Gab Valenciano as dance performers and we can expect a special guest co-host every week. Hmmm... do we hear Rayver Cruz or perhaps John Lloyd? Could we expect Cristine Reyes on the dance floor? How about ehem, ehem  Gerald Anderson? Well, these celebrities are very much welcome to act as special guest co-hosts according to Sarah during the press con.

Sarah and Gab was teasing each other during "Sarah G. Live" press con

It has been known that Gerald spent dinner with Sarah's family last Valentine's day. Going back to our popstar princess, she’s openly answered some of the intrigues and cleared some issues between her and Angeline, she said “Hanga po ako sa galing n’ya, may kakaibang talento si Angelyn, iba talaga. Lahat ng artist may kanya-kanyang galing. Nagbabatian po kami at nagkukuwentuhan.”
Going back to her upcoming show, she dreams to have duets with her ultimate idol, Regine Velasquez- Alcasid and Ogie Alcasid as well. She also feels so “kilig” about the thoughts of Bamboo as her duet.

What does direk Erick say about Sarah?- “She’s every director’s dream. I’m a fan of Sarah kaya sobra akong natutuwa na makasama s’ya at mas lalong maganda ‘yun para mas nakaka-inspire na mapaganda ‘yung show.” While Georcelle rates Sarah’s dancing prowess as 9.5, “’Yung natitirang .5 kapag wala na s’yang hawak na mic,” according to the celebrity choreographer. Gab Valenciano answered back to a question about “Gandang Gabi Vice” having set the trends every Sunday nights, “We do not intend naman to set a trend, the show wants to inspire, we want to inspire people.” He also mentioned that, “Sarah G. Live” is a lot different from ASAP, he was quoted by saying “This is a solution with execution.”

 Gab on newest musical variety show, "Sarah G. Live:" "This is a solution with execution."

So let’s prepare for the grandest live concert experience every Sunday night, “Sarah G. Live,” which premieres this February 26, after “Rated K.” Another fresh update!!! – To all the Sarah fanatics, she’ll be having her concert on July 21 this year. ;-)

Direk Erick Salud, choreographer Georcelle Dapay-Sy, Pop royalty Sarah Geronimo and Gab Valenciano



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  1. There's no dought that Sarah G will successful because the people loves her. She has a different aura than every singer's I've seen in Philippines. God give her gift to provide our country be proud of, her natural beauty is in heart as a person. Besides of her natural beauty inside and out, hamble,beautiful personality, multi-talented of singing, dancing, modeling, acting and awsome in entertainer, never see her not smiling, her beautiful smile keeps people inspired. The ABS/CBN lucky to have her, very hard worker, and stop until she cannot proved to get her goal. She has never ending of loving her family and country. Until now,,,her dreams to prove that she can help others/country to ensure that can be proud of she does. I love her very much because of her charisma and respect to our people. She love helping peole wishes she can be able to do more for them. I love the way she understand people as well. All I can very rare of those people that have role model to young or old she has those gift. She is very impressive lady. Thank you ABS/CBN for giving her chance or opportunity to be independent on new show. I will continue follow her for the rest of her lives, she proven caring to country. I love you Sarah G...

    1. Thank you so much fro sharing your thoughts about our Pop Princess Sarah Geronimo. Everything you've written were all true and I agree with you. Hope you'll stay updated and will keep reading my blog. Feel-free to comment. Thanks again! ;))


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