Have you ever thought that these four tv/ movie personalities would ever be reunited after long years of separation because of the differences in their respective interests, decisions and career moves? Well, surprisingly, yes they are actually working together!

ABS-CBN had come up with a quite unique showbiz-oriented talk show entitled,” Showbiz Inside Report (S.I.R.)” that is soon to hit our home screen tomorrow, February 4, Saturday after Happy, Yipee, Yehey (HYY) and through this newest talk show, which I guess would be the “talk of the town,” as well, would feature the come-backing Kapamilya stars Carmina Villarroel and actor-politician Joey Marquez with multi-awarded TV host-actress Janice de Belen and “blind item” king Ogie Diaz.

                                                    Carmina Villarroel                    
               Janice de Belen
                                Joey Marquez                                                                  Ogie Diaz

Goin’ back to the “reunion of sorts” of the said personalities, we’ll be tripping you down the memory lane... firstly, they were all products of “Palibhasa Lalake,” a channel 2 tv sitcom which ran from 1986 to 1998, with Richard Gomez (Ricky) , Joey Marquez (Joey), Miguel Rodriguez (Miggy), Gloria Romero (Tita Minerva Chavez), Cynthia Patag (Cynthia) and Amy Perez (Amy) as the original cast, which then later joined by Carmina Villarroel (Cathy) who was only 12 years old then, having been discovered from a tv commercial of a known local fast food chain within the same era. Then came Ogie Diaz who plays Pekto. 

The younger Carmina (Kathy) with Ms. Gloria Romero (Tita Minerva) during "Palibhasa Lalake" days, special thanks to http://www.iwantv.com.ph/ for the photo ;)

And secondly, they were all part of the late Douglas Quijano’s angels. When Mina was asked, “Do you ever thought that their manager tito Dougs (Douglas) has something to do with their reunion?” The ever-bubbly host/actress said that, somehow, it could be or maybe but nevertheless, she’s really happy and thankful that they’re all working together just like before, nothing has changed and there was no “ilangan” among them as they treat each other a real “Kapamilya.”

Douglas Quijano (Special thanks to www.abs-cbn.com for the photo)

As for S.I.R., this show tackles an in-depth look on the news and the people behind some of the most talked issues in show business. They are bound to search, acknowledge and share to their viewers the real “rationale” for every action or sometimes misunderstandings that are happening to their featured celebrity or personality in all equality and fairness.

"Showbiz Inside Report (S.I.R.)" hosts (photo courtesy of Manila Republic)

We asked the four hosts – “Granting that you would have the option to choose, who are you going to feature and why?”

Joey Marquez immediately answered it’s Ma’m Charo Santos-Concio, because he was so curious of her life story and how she really made it to the top and learn the things she had done to be able to achieve her present status.

Mina said, she has the same choice as Tsong Joey’s (as she calls him) and she also expressed interests on featuring Mr. Gabby Lopez’s “inside story.”

As for Janice, she said she doesn’t have any preference because she considers every episode a “challenge” for herself.

On the other hand, Ogie directly answered, he wanted to feature Mother Lily Monteverde as he is intrigued and so curious of her life story and almost everything about her, being a respectable film matriarch.

Since Richard Gomez is with channel 2 again, and being one of Douglas’ angels also, would there be a possibility of another “reunion” with his former co-stars? Oh well, we are all living in a world where “Possibility is an option,” and that I believe in the common notion that, “There’s only one thing permanent in this world.... and it’s change.” ;-)


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