“#My Cactus Heart” will definitely ease the thorns in You!

During the “#My Cactus Heart” Bloggers Conference held just recently at Max’s Restaurant in Q.C., the reel and real life sweethearts were so amiable, funny and so pleasing to our sight, even Direk Enrico Santos was so energetic and  awesome despite the morning schedule (brunch, actually) we had.

 Direk Enrico Santos, Maja Salvador and Matteo Guidicelli during the Bloggers Conference

Direk was so fond of Maja and Matteo and when I asked about his unforgettable moments with the two, off cam while filming “#My Cactus Heart,” he has a lot to share to. Matteo was so surprised when direk had unintentionally spoken about Matteo being “good-timed” by  Maja, according to direk, she had him as an accomplice to “good time” Matteo most of the time especially when the handsome host of HYY (Happy, Yipee, Yehey) was not should we say, “in the mood.”

Matteo vehemently told us that, in a relationship, it’s always the guy who’s in “fault” and has to do the “first move.” Maja was so chuckling while hearing those lines from her loving bf. But on the other hand, she was so proud and happy having Matteo around and always there for her, she shared -  “he is so malambing” as she calls him “my boyfriend,” and with that, Matt had extremely blushed ;-) (kilig!)

                                               Maja: "my boyfriend" referring to Matteo

Matteo blushes (kilig much!)

Let’s go on with the brief background of the movie: “#My Cactus Heart” is  a comedy drama top billed by the country’s most exciting stars. The story is all about the girl, Sandy (Maja Salvador) from a troubled family. She doesn't believe in “happily ever after” effects. She accepts and firmly believes that love only hurts and would do harm that’s why she’s tagged as the girl who consistently refuses to love and turns down (busts) men who pursues her. But what if someone comes along and will make her question what she believes in? What is she supposed to do? Can that someone change her jaded heart?

Maja is one of the most talented actresses we have around. Maja is so versatile! She can do drama, comedy, horror, romance. Her teleseryes last 2011 were all top-raters ("Impostor" and “Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin"), and her big and newest teleserye for this year, “PHR’s Lumayo Ka Man sa Akin” is now being aired over ABS-CBN top-billed with Jason Abalos and comebacking Kapamilya Patrick Garcia.

As for Matteo (Karlo), "My Cactus Heart", is his first starring role. We have all seen him in his past teleseryes too and he has indeed proven that he is more than just a pretty face with a promising singing career, not to forget huh! As Karlo, we can now all see why he could just be the next important male lead star!

Xian Lim is being introduced in this movie, who’s now also being considered as one of the most promising new male stars today. He plays Bene, one of the two men who will try to win over Sandy’s heart.

Based from the story, Sandy is being swooned by Karlo and she is slowly falling for him, so she purposely turned her attention to Bene just to escape or get away from her “inept” feeling towards Karlo. So, who would ease the “cactus” from Sandy’s heart? Would these “thorns” torn her between two loves? Who can make her believe that there is “happily ever after?”
Exciting love story, fresh casting combination! That’s “#My Cactus Heart” which Star Cinema is now being proud of to present. This romantic-comedy is directed by Enrico Santos and is showing in over 100 theaters nationwide.

"Eto na ang pinakamatinik na love story ngayong 2012!!!" 

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